5 Must Things to Consider Before Choosing the Lowest Airfare

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It is a natural action for the majority of people to choose the Cheap Flight Tickets when it comes to booking air tickets. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) do an excellent job by bringing the comparisons of fares for different airlines. The practice brings pressure on both no-frills airlines and full-service providers to stay on top of people’s consideration sphere and hence, they make the pricing looks ‘low’. Many-a-times, the pricing may not be so low as they appear to be. The hidden costs, many as charges for some relevant and much-needed services, will exist. Adding these ‘additional/extra’ facilities would ultimately make the ticket costlier. Hence, it is vital to ponder, if it is sensible to pick the ticket with the lowest fare.

  • Fact 1: Many of the low fare tickets are non-refundable and have strict restrictions for allowing changes.
  • Fact 2: Seat selection has become costlier. Recently, IndiGo announced its plan to make every seat chargeable for web check-ins. Many airlines are soon expected to follow the trend. 
  • Fact 3: Preferred services including the baggage handling, priority check-in, meals, beverages, etc. are chargeable for almost all airlines.

Making air travel pocket-friendly is still achievable by being aware of a few critical aspects while booking. Many of these aspects may be more profitable for frequent travellers, but they are worth noticing.


Keep a Note of the Airlines and Their Plans That Offer Free Rescheduling and Cancellations

For instance, cancellation fees waiver is offered to JetPrivilege Platinum members of Jet Airways for revalidation, refund and reissue of tickets. Also, there is a waiver on Anytime Change fees based upon the tire and the fare choices mode. Similarly, Vistara has no rescheduling fee for its Club Vistara Platinum-tier members. For Air India, this facility is available for its Golden Edge club members and Maharaja Club members, for domestic sectors.

Check the Exclusive Programs of OTAs and Avail Their Benefits

Many OTAs have special programs for frequent fliers that will allow free cancellations for a specific number of domestic or international flights. For example, MakeMyTrip’s MMT Double Black program will enable travellers free cancellations of five domestic tickets a year.


Check for Bank-Related Offers

Many airlines have tie-ups with various banks, and the passengers who book the tickets using those banks’ credit/debit cards may avail some exclusive benefits. For example, SpiceJet and IndiGo along with HDFC bank offer the package of preferred services for low cost, or sometimes free. For Jet Airways, there are offers such as extra baggage allowance and priority check-ins for its business class passengers and platinum members. Remember to check for such packages.

Check for Baggage Offers

Whenever there is a need for baggage permission of more than 15kg, it is worth travelling via full-service providers such as Air India. Air India offers 25kg baggage allowance for its passengers. Vistara offers increased check-in baggage allowance for its Club Vistara tier members. Air India too has an additional baggage allowance for its Golden Edge members. As mentioned earlier, booking via few bank cards can also result in extra baggage provision.

Check for Direct Purchase Fare Offers

Availing tickets directly from the airline can result in some exclusive offers or free cancellations or rescheduling offers, etc. Keeping track of such offers will also help to save some penny.

Overall, ensure that you check various options available before leaping in and purchasing the lowest fare ticket.

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