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IndiGo and GoAir To Get Fresh Deadline To Change P&W Engines On A320 Neo Aircraft

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will revise the timeline given to IndiGo and GoAir to replace the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) engines of their A320 Neo aircraft, which have operated for more than 2,900 hours. Earlier, the deadlines given to complete replacements of at least one engine were November 13, 2019, for GoAir, and November 19, 2019, for IndiGo. DGCA will decide the new timeline by Friday. According... Read More

November 23rd, 2018 10:56 PM 2 COMMENTS

IndiGo Airbus A320 Neo Aircraft from Hyderabad to Port Blair Faces Technical Difficulty Mid-air

During a flight from Hyderabad to Port Blair, aircraft IndiGo Airbus A320 Neo suffered a tilt in mid-air as a result of the technical fault, reports Times of India (TOI). The incident that happened on Tuesday, 20 November 2018, did not cause much panic as the pilots managed to level the aircraft within minutes. The flight continued its flight and had a safe landing at Port Blair. “The pilots are... Read More

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IndiGo Receives Eight Airbus A320Neo Aircraft From Leasing Company BOC Aviation

Under a purchase-and-leaseback agreement signed in March 2021, BOC Aviation Limited delivered the last of eight Airbus A320Neo aircraft to InterGlobe Aviation Ltd (IndiGo). BOC Aviation is a state-owned global aircraft operating leasing company based in Singapore. According to a statement from BOC Aviation, the Airbus A320Neo aircraft is powered by CFM Leap engines. “The delivery of these eight aircraft underlines the excellent partnership we have developed with IndiGo, India’s... Read More

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IndiGo Takes Delivery of 2000th A320neo Family Aircraft From Airbus

After taking the 1000th Airbus A320neo family aircraft in 2019, IndiGo now takes the delivery of the 2000th A320neo family aircraft from the aeroplane manufacturer. Fuel efficiency and performance are the reasons for IndiGo to rely on the Airbus A320neo fleet, according to Ronojoy Dutta, Chief Executive Officer at IndiGo. IndiGo holds the title of the ‘world’s largest customer’ for the Airbus A320neo family with orders totalling 730 aircraft. IndiGo’s... Read More

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IndiGo Looking to Purchase New Airbus A320neo Aircraft

The largest low-cost airline in India, IndiGo has plans for purchasing multiple new Airbus A320neo aircraft in the future. Saying the last few months have not been good for the aviation industry would be a massive understatement of the situation. Airlines are currently strapped off cash, but the positive thing is, things are indeed picking up for the industry. Talking about IndiGo, the airline has estimated it would reach approximately... Read More

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Air India Plans One of the Huge Aircraft Purchases in the History of Aviation

According to persons familiar with the situation, Air India Ltd. is considering acquiring as many as 300 narrowbody planes, which would be one of the largest purchases in commercial aviation history, as the once state-run airline prepares to modernise its fleet under new ownership. The airline may acquire Airbus SE's A320neo family jets, Boeing Co.'s 737 Max models, or a combination of both, according to the sources, who asked not... Read More

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Air India A320neo Plane Returns To Mumbai As Engine Shuts Down Mid-Air

A Tata Group-run Air India plane to Bengaluru, an A320neo, returned to Mumbai airport a mere 27 minutes after takeoff as one of its engines shut down mid-air due to a technical error. The passengers were flown to their destination after a change of aircraft on Thursday, Air India spokesperson said.  The pilots of the aircraft received a warning about high exhaust gas temperatures just minutes after takeoff at 9:43... Read More

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Airbus Cancels Qatar Airways’ A321neos Orders Amid Airbus A350 Dispute

Over the ongoing dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus on the Airbus A350 paint degradation issue, Airbus cancelled the order of 50 Airbus A321neos it signed with Qatar Airways. The order was cancelled on January 20 while the pre-trial proceedings took place in British High Court. The aircraft manufacturer’s move to cancel a separate contract with Qatar Airways for a different aircraft model shows the intensity of dispute between the... Read More

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Vistara Added 12 New Aircraft in 21 Months Despite the Pandemic

Vistara, a full-service air carrier based out of India added 12 new aircraft to its fleet in the last 21 months. According to a PTI report, the airline has more than 50 aircraft now and 12 of which were added in the last 21 months. Since Vistara’s launch on January 9, 2015, the airline has flown over 30 million passengers in both domestic and international markets. For the unaware, Vistara... Read More

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Airbus Might Increase A320s Production Rate as the Manufacturer Welcomes New Orders

Apparently, the European multinational Aerospace company Airbus is looking to expand its portfolio even further as it ends the year with three huge orders. It seems like that the carrier manufacturer is going to push the production for its signature A320 carriers which might even be more than 65 monthly carriers planned for the present. The move from the company may be very justifiable as it has received an order... Read More

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Airbus Gets a Firm Order for 28 Aircraft from ITA Airways

Airbus has received a firm order for 28 aircraft from ITA Airways. For the unaware, ITA Airways is the new national flag carrier of Italy. The order includes seven A220s, eleven A320neos, and ten A330neos. The Airbus A330neo is the most latest version of the most popular A330 wide-body airliner. The order confirms the Memorandum of Understanding announced on 30th September 2021. In addition, the airline will pursue its plans... Read More

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Dubai Airshow 2021: Airbus Gets Order of 255 A321neo Family Aircraft from Indigo Partners

Airbus, a European aircraft manufacturer has just received an order of 255 A321neo family aircraft from Indigo Partners. For the unaware, Indigo Partners is an American private equity firm that has a controlling interest in four airlines - Wizz Air, Frontier, Volaris, and JetSMART. Wizz Air operates in Hungary, Frontier in the United States, Volaris in Mexico, and JetSMART in Chile and Argentina. Airbus got a firm order of 255... Read More

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Bilaspur Airport Can Accommodate 72 Seater Aircraft Now, Details

Aircraft with 72 seats can now land on the Bilaspur airport. Bilaspur airport is located out of the city in Chakarbhatha area of the district. The airport has now been upgraded from 2C to 3C certification. 2C category airports can allow 40 seater aircraft to land at its runway. But with 3C certification, the seat count increases to 3C. The 3C certification was provided to the Bilaspur airport upon inspection... Read More

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Airbus A320neos With Pratt & Whitney Powered Engines Can Fly Longer International Routes

The Indian government removed the limitation from Airbus A320neo powered by the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) family of aircraft to fly longer overseas routes. Until now, these particular aircraft were allowed to operate in routes where the diversion airport was no more than 60 minutes away at any point of the flight routing. In India, only two airlines use this particular aircraft which are IndiGo, Vistara, and GoAir. Fun fact,... Read More

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