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DGCA Suspends Operations at Two Flight Training Schools

Due to unsuitable facilities in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, two flight training schools in India have had their operations terminated. The largest airline in India, IndiGo, has partnered with Chimes Aviation Academy for its cadet programme. IndiGo and Chimes collaborated in 2021 to source its junior flying officers (JFOs). “Operations at the school have been stopped till such time the runway is suitable for flying operations. During inspection, it was... Read More

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AirAsia India Continues to Top OTP Chart – DGCA

According to data on on-time performance released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, AirAsia India maintained its position as the country's most consistent airline. With 90.8 % On Time Performance for four metro airports—Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai—as reported by the DGCA in May 2022, the airline topped the list. With direct flights linking Lucknow to Bengaluru, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, and Mumbai, the airline has announced the expansion of... Read More

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DGCA Imposes Rs 10 Lakh Fine on Air India for Denying Boarding to Passengers Holding Valid Tickets

Air India has been fined Rs 10 lakh by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for denying boarding to passengers with valid tickets. “After going through AI submissions, as part of enforcement action, the competent authority has levied a penalty of Rs 10 Lakh. In addition, the airline has been advised to immediately put the systems in place to resolve the issue failing which further action shall be taken... Read More

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DGCA New Rules of Compensation Up to Rs. 20,000 if Boarding Is Denied for Passengers With Valid Tickets

The civil aviation regulator, the DGCA, has imposed limitations on airlines in the event that a customer with a valid ticket who arrived on time is denied boarding. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation issued a statement on the situation on Tuesday. According to the civil aviation regulation, no compensation is due if an airline is able to find an alternate flight for the passenger within an hour. The DGCA... Read More

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Passengers Refusing to Wear Mask Can Be Denied Boarding – DGCA

Passengers who refuses to follow Covid's guidelines at airports and on flights would be de-boarded prior to departure, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). After the Delhi High Court ordered the regulatory authority to take action against passengers who do not wear masks at airports and on flights, the order was issued. The directive further stipulates that any passenger who refuses to wear masks or breaches the... Read More

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DGCA Orders Investigation After Air Arabia Crew Declare Mayday and Made Emergency Landing at Ahmedabad

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation launched a probe on Tuesday after the crew of the Air Arabia flight called a Mayday and made an emergency landing at Ahmedabad Airport. "The preliminary investigation will be done by DGCA in consultation with Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB)," a senior DGCA official stated. According to the DGCA, on June 6, Air Arabia A320 Aircraft A6-AOT, which was flying flight 3L-062 (Chittagong-Abu Dhabi),... Read More

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DGCA’s Decision to Exclude 90 Pilots From Flying MAX Aircraft Won’t Impact Operations- SpiceJet

SpiceJet has stated that it has 650 MAX-trained pilots and that the DGCA's decision not to authorise 90 pilots to operate Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will have no impact on operations. The airline is retraining them in accordance with the DGCA's directive. The airline was fined Rs 10 lakh by the aviation regulator after it utilised malfunctioning simulators to train those pilots. The carrier has a sufficient number of qualified... Read More

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DGCA Asks Chopper Pilots to Exercise Caution as a Helicopter Bounces and Turns by 270 Degrees While Landing at Kedarnath Helipad

Thumby Aviation's helicopter bounced and spun 270 degrees when landing at Kedarnath helipad on May 31, prompting the aviation regulator DGCA to advise chopper pilots to exercise caution anytime there are tailwinds when heading for landing, according to officials. Officials with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) confirmed that an inquiry into the event had begun. They reported that on May 31, around 1.30 p.m., a Bell 407 helicopter... Read More

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Airlines Cannot Refuse Boarding to Specially-Abled Passengers Without Seeking Medical Opinion – DGCA

Following the incident at Ranchi Airport, where low-cost airline IndiGo refused boarding to a specially-abled passenger, the country's aviation safety regulator, the DGCA, has amended its rules to state that airlines cannot deny boarding to specially-abled passengers without first seeking medical advice on their fitness to fly. IndiGo denied a specially-abled boy access to a Hyderabad-bound flight at Ranchi Airport last month, citing a potential threat to air safety. Following... Read More

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“This Was a Serious Violation Endangering Lives of the Passengers on Board,” DGCA Imposes Rs.10 Lakhs Fine on Vistara

Following IndiGo and SpiceJet, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has fined Vistara Rs 10 lakh. According to officials, the airline allowed an inexperienced pilot to land a flight with people aboard at Indore airport. According to them, the pilot, who was also the flight's first officer, recently landed the plane at the Indore airport without previously receiving the necessary training in a simulator. "This was a serious violation... Read More

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DGCA Issues Notice to IndiGo for Inappropriate Handling of a Child With Special Needs

After a fact-finding committee determined IndiGo staff had violated regulations in refusing boarding to a differently abled child at the Ranchi airport recently, the aviation regulator DGCA said it has issued a "showcause notice" to the airline. The kid was refused boarding because he was "visibly in panic," according to the airline. An IndiGo manager refused to let the kid board an aircraft on May 7. The airlines apparently stated that the... Read More

Airlines to Face Strict Actions by DGCA for Wrongly Denying Boarding to Passengers

All Indian airlines have been ordered by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to give compensation and services to passengers who are denied boarding despite being at the airport on time or in the case of a flight cancellation or delay. In the event that airlines violate the instruction, the aviation authority warned that "severe action will be initiated against the erring airline, including imposing financial penalties as per... Read More

DGCA to Start Checking Airplanes on Night Stops

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India's aviation authority, plans to perform a thorough examination of commercial aeroplanes in the country. The focus will be on aircraft that have been in service for a long time and have accumulated a large number of flying hours to ensure that their structural integrity is not jeopardised. In India, a sequence of incidents in the previous few weeks have focused attention on... Read More

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FAA Concludes 7-Day Audit of the DGCA; India Retains in Category 1

The FAA has completed an audit of India's aviation authority, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), and categorised the nation as Category 1. Every few years, the US transportation authority performs similar inspections to see if aviation protocols are being followed. The FAA completed a seven-day audit of the DGCA on April 26th and declared India's aviation safety standards to be satisfactory. Not only that, but India is said... Read More

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