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New Arrival Terminal at Delhi IGI Airport Ready for Operations: DIAL

The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), the operator of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), announced that the arrival terminal at T1 has been expanded and is now operational. According to a PTI report, the work was carried out as part of expansion plans, and once the entire extension work is completed, the airport’s overall terminal capacity and airside capacity will expand to 100 million and 140 million, respectively.... Read More

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IndiGo Receives Safety Excellence Recognition from DIAL

The biggest domestic carrier of India, IndiGo, has been awarded and appreciated by DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) for its contribution to airside safety. During the “safety awareness drive” which was conducted across all three terminals of Delhi IGI airport from December 17 to December 21, DIAL started a “safety awareness workshop". It was during this workshop, that IndiGo staff went all out and participated in street plays and well-illustrated... Read More

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The Decline of Passenger Traffic in Delhi Airport May Harm DIAL’s Credit Rating: Moody’s Investors Report

The passenger traffic at the Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport has dropped 12.7% year-on-year in May 2019, according to the data from the Aviation Authority of India (AAI). Such a decline in traffic is a sharp turnaround from the average annual increase of 15% between 2016 and 2018. The drop in the passenger traffic will hurt the credit metrics of the airport midst its expansion plans, says the US-based... Read More

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Delhi Airport Begins Testing a Full-Body Scanner on Terminal 2

A full-body scanner that can detect things on travellers without the need for a pat-down check is being tested at the Delhi airport's Terminal 2. The scanners were installed at the airport as part of the study. To replace the current door frame metal detectors, hand-held scanners, and pat-down passenger searches for metallic objects, India's aviation security regulator BCAS ordered the installation of body scanners by March 2020 at 84... Read More

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A SpiceJet Aircraft Aborts Take Off From Patna Airport Due to Technical Glitches

On June 25, a SpiceJet aircraft with a destination of Guwahati had to abort takeoff from Patna's Jay Prakash Narayan international airport because of some technical difficulties. This was after numerous instances of aircraft making emergency landings. Former Bihar MLA Bunty Chaudhary, who was a passenger on the flight, posted a video to social media. "The flight was on the runway and about to take-off when the pilots detected the... Read More

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90 SpiceJet Pilots Refrained From Flying Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ruled that 90 SpiceJet pilots are unsuitable to fly the Boeing 737 Max and has stopped them from flying until they finish another round of training.  "For the time being, we have restricted these pilots from flying the Max aircraft and they must successfully retrain for it," DGCA chief Arun Kumar told India Today Television. According to sources, the'stick shaker,' which vibrates... Read More

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Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 737 Took a Dive Due to a Malfunctioning Pitot System

Last week's quick fall of Malaysia Airlines flight MH2664 was attributed to a 'technical fault' caused by a failing pitot-static system, according to Malaysia's civil aviation authorities. When the Boeing 737-800 returned to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, it was in way from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau, Sabah (KUL). The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) plane experienced an abrupt, quick drop while travelling at 30,000 feet, which one passenger characterised as a 10-minute... Read More

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Arrival Terminal at Delhi IGI Airport to Commence Operations From Today

The services at the newly built terminal of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport will commence from today. The new terminal, which is built as a part of the ongoing phase 3A expansion of IGI Airport, will expand the airport’s total terminal capacity to 100 million. The airside capacity will also increase to 140 million. The new arrival terminal at Delhi airport spreads across an 8,000 sq. m. arrival hall and... Read More

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Delhi Airport T1 Terminal Expansion Work Complete

The arrival work at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport’s T1 terminal for arrival has been completed. This will allow the airport to add more capacity and is a big step towards enhancing the capacity of the airport. But with this, the current arrival terminal, T1C, will be demolished. According to a PTI report, Terminal 1 has a huge space between the baggage belts for ease of movement along with... Read More

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Delhi Airport Gets Faster Luggage Management System, Old Runway Renovated

On Friday, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) announced that the Delhi international airport has been installing an integrated cart system (ICS) for luggage handling at Terminal I. The new integrated system has higher speed, capacity, and dependability, enhancing luggage management at the airport. According to DIAL, the ICS with radio frequency identification (RFID) ensures error-free luggage sorting. Delhi airport’s luggage system will operate at a speed of 2.1 metres per... Read More

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Delhi Airport Adds 19 New Aircraft Stands at Terminal 1

Nineteen new aircraft stands are added at Terminal 1 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI airport). The stands, constructed as part of an expansion project, are operational after receiving approval from the aviation regulator authority, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The new stands can handle Code C planes such as A320 and B737, having wingspan measuring between 24 meters to 36 meters. Delhi IGI airport already had... Read More

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IndiGo Says Delhi Airport T2 Terminal Will Resume From July 22

India’s largest airline, IndiGo updated on its website that flights services from Delhi’s T2 terminal will resume from July 22, 2021. The interesting thing is while IndiGo has updated it, there’s no word from the Delhi Airport itself. According to a TNN report, the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) hasn’t revealed any official date for the resumption of the T2 terminal, but if IndiGo’s statement were to be believed, the... Read More

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Delhi Airport Gets New Passenger Tracking System

The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), operator of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) has just announced through a release about the installation of new passenger tracking system (PTS) at the Terminal 3 of the airport. This new passenger tracking system will ensure that social distancing at the airport is maintained at all times. It will allow passengers to identify how much they should wait before they move ahead in the... Read More

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Indira Gandhi International Airport to Charge up to Rs 300 from Outbound Passengers

The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) has plans for charging outbounds passengers up to Rs 300 more on their flight journeys. As per a report from the Times of India, The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has sought the permission from the regulator for charging Rs 200 from the domestic and Rs 300 from the international flight passengers going out of Delhi in addition to their flight fares. Further, the... Read More

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