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After Technical Difficulties with an Indigo Flight, the Ministry of Civil Aviation Orders the DGCA to Submit a Report

After an operating flight 6E-2131 (Delhi-Bangalore) encountered a technical issue during the takeoff roll, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) ordered the staff members of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to investigate the situation on Saturday. The MoCA GoI tweeted, "Concerned officials at @DGCAIndia have been directed to investigate into this and give a report as soon as possible." An engine stall occurred during the take-off roll of... Read More

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UDAN Scheme of Ministry of Civil Aviation Completes 5 Years of Success

According to Government data, in 2014, there were 74 operational airports in India. Air connectivity was confined to metros or a few developed cities earlier. No doubt, the pandemic has slowed down the developments to some extent. But, if we observe, the scenario is different now as the air network and airports are expanding rapidly. Name a notable place, and you will have at least a regional airline catering to... Read More

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Ministry of Civil Aviation to Remove the Airfare Bands From 31 August 2022

The ministry of civil aviation on Wednesday announced that limits imposed on domestic airfares will be removed from 31 August 2022, giving airlines the flexibility on passenger fares. Though there won't be any major immediate impact considering the current jetfuel prices, airlines may offer discounts on new routes, domestic routes with low demand, flights with poor passenger loads. Considering the holiday season and festive mood of travellers, Airlines are already... Read More

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Ministry of Civil Aviation Recommends the Utilisation of Drones in All Sectors

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) plans for more effective utilisation of drone applications in India. Towards the mission to make the country a global hub for drones, the central government is deploying a liberalised Drone Rules 2021. The mission is devised under the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan programme. The civil aviation ministry suggests deploying drones for purposes like surveillance, crime control, situational analysis, disaster management, VVIP security, etc. It... Read More

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Ministry of Civil Aviation Mandates Air Suvidha Portal for International Passengers

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare have revised Air Suvidha Portal with the addition of a contactless self-declaration. Filling of the self-declaration is made mandatory for the international travellers arriving in India. The Ministry of Civil Aviation launched Air Suvidha Portal in August 2020. It helps passengers feed the details of their travel and final stay, along with RTPCR, Vaccination status, etc., on the... Read More

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Check-in Baggage Limit to be Reduced to 15Kg: Ministry of Civil Aviation

Back in May 2020, when domestic flights were resuming in India, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had rolled out a strict SoP (standard operating procedure) stating that the passengers will not be allowed to carry more than one check-in baggage. Adding to that, the check-in baggage should not exceed the 20Kg mark. This was increased from the initial 15Kg free check-in baggage limit that most of the airlines provided its... Read More

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Ministry of Civil Aviation Liberates 13 Companies to Operate Drones on Experimental Basis

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has liberated 13 companies to operate drones. All the companies which will be operating drones will also not have to provide the unique identification number and operation permit. However, it will be just valid until September 30, 2020. Google-backed Company Dunzo and the famous drone maker Throttle Aerospace were already planning to operate BVLOS Flights in the month of April. But due to the... Read More

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Covid-Related Restrictions Are Indeed Being Eased by the Civil Aviation Ministry

Following a recovery in the country's Covid-19 crisis, the civil aviation ministry has eased various pandemic-related restrictions. The concessions were made in order to promote the smooth functioning of aviation operations. Cabin crew members will no longer be obliged to wear PPE kits, according to an order issued by the civil aviation ministry on Monday. "Airlines may carry a few additional PPE protective gears, sanitiser, and N-95 masks to handle... Read More

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Civil Aviation Ministry Removes the Restrictions on the Number of Flights Between India and Ukraine

According to a senior official, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has removed the restrictions on flights that can be operated between India and Ukraine under the bilateral air bubble agreement to make travel easier for Indians from the regions. India has recommended its people to temporarily leave Ukraine due to the current circumstances in the country as a result of rising tensions with Russia. Under the air bubble agreement, the... Read More

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Union Budget 2022-23: Civil Aviation Ministry Gets Rs 10,667 Crore, E-Passport to Be Released This Year

The Union Budget 2022-23 has allocated Rs 10,667 crore for the civil aviation ministry, a considerable increase from last year. In 2021-22, the government allocated Rs 3,224 crore for the civil aviation ministry. But several factors contributed to higher expenses last year, resulting in a revised expenditure of Rs 72,652 crore for 2021-22. Air India divestment, especially the allocation for Air India loans, grants in aid to Air India for... Read More

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MakeMyTrip Partnering With Civil Aviation Ministry

MakeMyTrip (MMT), one of the leading travel and accommodation booking online platforms has partnered with the Civil Aviation Ministry of India. The partnership will focus on boosting regional air connectivity under the UDAN scheme. According to a PTI report, MMT will now power UDAN flights on the AirSewa portal. MMT will be displaying the flights on the AirSewa portal on its platform to boost visibility and product/service discovery. UDAN is... Read More

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ICPA Writes to Civil Aviation Ministry, Asks to Restore Air India Pilots’ Remuneration

In the most recent development of events, Air India pilot’s union has issued a written request to the Civil Aviation Ministry for the reversal of the pay-cuts that were imposed on AIR India pilots during the pandemic period. The issue has been a long-standing problem for the Air India pilots and this marks the first time they have filed a written request. Aviation Industry Returning to Normal As per the... Read More

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Civil Aviation Ministry Extends Restriction on Domestic Flights Until November 24

Indian aviation has been taken a drastic hit due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The Civil Aviation ministry has extended the restrictions on domestic flights till November 24, 2020, to contain the spread of the deadly virus and ensure a risk-free journey to passengers. Apart from this, the cap on airfares will remain in effect until the same period. Domestic flights operating in India will have both upper and lower... Read More

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Civil Aviation Ministry Seeks Additional Fund for UDAN Scheme: Report

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may increase the budget of UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik), the regional connectivity scheme in his second term, according to The Economic Times. The Civil Aviation Ministry has already contacted the Government with a proposal for additional funds, the report said. The additional fund will clear the deficits existing in executing the scheme. As per UDAN scheme, 688 routes are awarded so far. An Airports... Read More

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