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Honda Aircraft Company Expands Customer Service Capability as Fleet Grows

[caption id="attachment_50249" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Source: Honda Aircraft Company[/caption] Honda Aircraft Company has recently announced the addition of four new full-service Authorized Service Centers (ASC) in the United States and global regions, expanding the HondaJet service network to 21 locations worldwide. Expansion Further Strengthens the Customer Support Capabilities: The new service centres will further strengthen the customer support capabilities for the growing HondaJet fleet, now comprised of more than 219 aircraft... Read More

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Aviation Ministry Proposes Police Action Against Flashing Laser Light on Aircraft

The Civil Aviation Ministry has suggested that police take legal action against anyone who shines a laser light from outside any Indian airport onto an aircraft. In a statement dated July 6, the ministry requested changes to the 1937 Aircraft Rules, asking that if the user of the laser light is found, he or she be given a notice by a Central government representative first. The Civil Aviation Ministry has... Read More

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A SpiceJet Aircraft Returns to Delhi After Smoke Emerges Out

The cabin crew and passengers on a Spicejet flight from Delhi to Jabalpur had to turn around and return to Delhi when they saw smoke coming from the plane. The incident took place at a height of 5,000 feet. According to the report, the aircraft made a safe return to the airport, where the passengers got off the aircraft without injuries. ANI posted a video of the incident; it shows... Read More

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A SpiceJet Aircraft Aborts Take Off From Patna Airport Due to Technical Glitches

On June 25, a SpiceJet aircraft with a destination of Guwahati had to abort takeoff from Patna's Jay Prakash Narayan international airport because of some technical difficulties. This was after numerous instances of aircraft making emergency landings. Former Bihar MLA Bunty Chaudhary, who was a passenger on the flight, posted a video to social media. "The flight was on the runway and about to take-off when the pilots detected the... Read More

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Emirates Lands Latest Boeing 777 ‘Game-Changer’ Aircraft at New Destination- Israel

Emirates' most recent "game-changer" Boeing 777 touched down in Tel Aviv today as part of its first-ever service into Israel. The high-profile delegation on board the inaugural aircraft comprised several higher officials of Israel, highlighting the significance of this new air transportation link. An attendance of passengers, aviation experts, and guests from across the industry gathered to observe the arrival of Emirates aircraft EK931, which was greeted by Ben Gurion... Read More

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Air India Plans One of the Huge Aircraft Purchases in the History of Aviation

According to persons familiar with the situation, Air India Ltd. is considering acquiring as many as 300 narrowbody planes, which would be one of the largest purchases in commercial aviation history, as the once state-run airline prepares to modernise its fleet under new ownership. The airline may acquire Airbus SE's A320neo family jets, Boeing Co.'s 737 Max models, or a combination of both, according to the sources, who asked not... Read More

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Akasa Air Takes Delivery of First 737 Max Aircraft From Boeing

Akasa Air, which is funded by billionaire businessman Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, received the first 737 Max aircraft from Boeing on Thursday. "Congratulations @AkasaAir on the delivery of your first 737-8! We are excited for you and your passengers," tweeted by Boeing India. Last month, the airline unveiled photos of its first Boeing 737 Max aircraft as it prepared for delivery from the assembly site in Portland, Oregon. According to a statement... Read More

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Air India to Buy Airbus A350 Aircraft for International Services

With Tata Group at the helm, Air India, the country's former national carrier, is undergoing enormous transformations, from in-flight services to the fleet itself. According to a recent source, Air India has opted to purchase the European planemaker's wide-body Airbus A350 aircraft. The carrier, which is owned by Tata, will fly its first batch of planes on international routes that are now covered by Boeing 777 and Boeing 747. The... Read More

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Two AirAsia A320 Aircraft From Delhi to Srinagar Returns to Delhi After Technical Snag Mid-Air

On June 11, two AirAsia India A320 aircraft en route from Delhi to Srinagar returned to Delhi in less than six hours after experiencing a technical issue in the air. According to a passenger on the flight, the Delhi-Srinagar flight I5-712 took off from the Delhi airport at around 11.55 a.m. on an A320 aircraft with the registration number VT-APJ. According to the passenger, after the jet had been in... Read More

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Akasa Air Signs Contract With Griffin Global Asset Management for Sale and Leaseback of Five Boeing 737-8 Aircraft

Akasa Air has agreed to sell and leaseback five Boeing 737-8 aircraft to Griffin Global Asset Management, an Irish leasing company. Under a sale and leaseback deal, the airline sells its planes to a leasing company and then leases them back. This frees up the monies that were used to acquire the plane by the airline. Just three months after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) gave the planes... Read More

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DGCA’s Decision to Exclude 90 Pilots From Flying MAX Aircraft Won’t Impact Operations- SpiceJet

SpiceJet has stated that it has 650 MAX-trained pilots and that the DGCA's decision not to authorise 90 pilots to operate Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will have no impact on operations. The airline is retraining them in accordance with the DGCA's directive. The airline was fined Rs 10 lakh by the aviation regulator after it utilised malfunctioning simulators to train those pilots. The carrier has a sufficient number of qualified... Read More

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Thai Airways Boeing 787-8 Aircraft Tire Deflates at Bengaluru Airport

The report comes in from Bengaluru India where earlier this week a Boeing 787 aircraft of Thai Airways burst its tire during the landing. The flight was coming from Bangkok on Thursday when the incident with the Dreamliner took place. Fortunately, neither any passenger nor any crew member on board was harmed. The investigation is currently under process and the reason is not known as of now. The Incident Flight... Read More

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DGCA Asks Air India to Repair Its Aircraft Following a Passenger Complaint

On Monday, a passenger shared images of a shattered armrest on an Air India Airbus A320 aircraft with the registration number VT-EDF on social media. After a passenger complained about the plane's shoddy condition on social media, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has instructed Tata Group-owned Air India to fix it, according to PTI. As a result, the DGCA instructed the airline to investigate and correct the problem... Read More

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Agni Aviation’s Training Aircraft Collapses on Runway

On Sunday evening, an aircraft at Bengaluru's Jakkur Aerodrome collapsed during landing while engaged in a local sortie. Cheryl Ann Stearns, an internationally famous competitive skydiving champion, was on board the plane and suffered minor injuries, but pilot Capt Akash Jaiswal remained unharmed. The disaster might have been caused by a flock of birds and dogs on the runway at the moment of landing. According to a credible source, the... Read More

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