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Delhi Airport Begins Testing a Full-Body Scanner on Terminal 2

A full-body scanner that can detect things on travellers without the need for a pat-down check is being tested at the Delhi airport's Terminal 2. The scanners were installed at the airport as part of the study. To replace the current door frame metal detectors, hand-held scanners, and pat-down passenger searches for metallic objects, India's aviation security regulator BCAS ordered the installation of body scanners by March 2020 at 84... Read More

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Delhi Airport T1 Terminal Expansion Work Complete

The arrival work at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport’s T1 terminal for arrival has been completed. This will allow the airport to add more capacity and is a big step towards enhancing the capacity of the airport. But with this, the current arrival terminal, T1C, will be demolished. According to a PTI report, Terminal 1 has a huge space between the baggage belts for ease of movement along with... Read More

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Delhi Airport Gets Faster Luggage Management System, Old Runway Renovated

On Friday, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) announced that the Delhi international airport has been installing an integrated cart system (ICS) for luggage handling at Terminal I. The new integrated system has higher speed, capacity, and dependability, enhancing luggage management at the airport. According to DIAL, the ICS with radio frequency identification (RFID) ensures error-free luggage sorting. Delhi airport’s luggage system will operate at a speed of 2.1 metres per... Read More

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Delhi Airport Adds 19 New Aircraft Stands at Terminal 1

Nineteen new aircraft stands are added at Terminal 1 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI airport). The stands, constructed as part of an expansion project, are operational after receiving approval from the aviation regulator authority, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The new stands can handle Code C planes such as A320 and B737, having wingspan measuring between 24 meters to 36 meters. Delhi IGI airport already had... Read More

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DDMA Issues New Guidelines for COVID-19 Screening at Delhi Airport

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has released a new directive stating the guidelines for the abroad passengers to follow on arrival at Delhi airport. The new guidelines will be in effect from December 1. Restrictions for passengers from “at-risk” countries According to the new guidelines, the airlines must inform passengers coming from “at-risk” countries that they will be tested for COVID-19 on landing. The passengers who get tested positive... Read More

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Delhi Airport Hub Traffic to Get Boosted as AIR India Revives

As TATAs take over the financially struggling AIR India, the airline is expected to expand its domestic and international operations in the foreseeable future. This has resulted in GMR run Delhi airport expecting a 25% surge in the next three years. The Indira Gandhi National Airport is already a hub for AIR India, Vistara which also has TATAs majority interest, and Indigo Airlines and is also the country’s largest aerodrome.... Read More

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Delhi Airport Is Going to Make History

The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, located in Delhi, India is going to make history soon. As per reports, the airport’s fourth runway might become operational from October 2021. This will make the IGI airport India’s first with four operational runways. There are no other airports in the country which have four active runways at the moment. According to an Economic Times report, Delhi’s new runway that is about to... Read More

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IndiGo Says Delhi Airport T2 Terminal Will Resume From July 22

India’s largest airline, IndiGo updated on its website that flights services from Delhi’s T2 terminal will resume from July 22, 2021. The interesting thing is while IndiGo has updated it, there’s no word from the Delhi Airport itself. According to a TNN report, the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) hasn’t revealed any official date for the resumption of the T2 terminal, but if IndiGo’s statement were to be believed, the... Read More

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Delhi Airport Gets New Passenger Tracking System

The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), operator of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) has just announced through a release about the installation of new passenger tracking system (PTS) at the Terminal 3 of the airport. This new passenger tracking system will ensure that social distancing at the airport is maintained at all times. It will allow passengers to identify how much they should wait before they move ahead in the... Read More

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Delhi Airport Passengers to Get Faster Immigration Clearance With E-Gates

The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport or Delhi airport will soon allow passengers to get the immigration clearance within seconds. Since the time airports resumed after going through a two-month lockdown, social distancing has been emphasised upon quite heavily. Most of the processes that a passenger used to go through at the airport has been made contactless. In a fortunate turn of events, the Delhi airport will soon be getting... Read More

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Delhi Airport Getting Ready For Operating Flights in High Fog Levels

Fog is one of the biggest contributing factors for the delay and cancelling of flights in India during winters. But to fight against it at the nation's capital, Delhi Airport is getting a CAT III B-compliant runway. For the unaware, CAT III B-compliance means flights can land when the visibility on the runway is up to 50 metres. Usually, minimum visibility required to land flights in a CAT I compliant... Read More

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Delhi Airport Passengers Can Get Tested Pre-Departure Now

Passengers travelling from the Delhi airport can now get a COVID-19 test before the departure of their flight. This applies to both domestic and international passengers. Until now, the COVID-19 testing facility was only available for international arrivals. But this facility is now extended to the domestic and international departures as well. So now, passengers who want to get a test done before they leave for their destination can do... Read More

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Virtual Reality Show for Passengers at Delhi Airport

The passengers in Delhi airport can now enjoy virtual reality shows. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has launched a mini planetarium near the boarding gate 41 of Terminal III for the purpose. The semi-circular structure has a curved screen that displays life-size cinematic platform to provide real, immersive experiences to the passengers. One virtual reality show can last from seven to fifteen minutes. The facility will be open 24 x... Read More

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Delhi Airport Terminal 2 Back in Service From Today

Delhi airport has brought back its Terminal 2 into service. Earlier when the pandemic hit and nationwide lockdown was put into place, Delhi Airport’s Terminal 2’s (T2) services were paused for the passengers. Even when the lockdown was lifted and after a few weeks domestic flights were resumed, Delhi airport authorities only resumed the Terminal 3 (T3) for the passengers. But now, T2 is open for service from today. IndiGo... Read More

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