Airport Authority of India Releases Standard Operating Procedures for Passengers

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Airport Authority of India (AAI) is taking all the preventive measures to ensure that evacuation flights being operated for passengers is comfortable and hassle-free. Recently, AAI has issued new directives which are to be administered by Airport Operators. The new guidelines will ensure that the Airport operators take all the preventive measures for passengers who are arriving at the terminal. AAI has issued five standing procedures for all the arriving passengers. Here are all the details of all the standard operating procedures.


Sanitisation of Luggage

AAI has directed all the Airport operators that all the luggage of arriving passengers must be properly sanitised. Also, AAI has stated that sanitisation of luggage must be done before putting it in the conveyer belt in the baggage break up area.

Sufficient Sanitised Trolleys

AAI has stated Airports must have sufficient trolleys for all the arriving passengers. AAI has directed all the Airport operators that all the trolleys which will be deployed for use must be appropriately sanitised so that the threat of virus is eliminated.

Maximum Counters

AAI has also directed that maximum counters must be installed, so that cluster of passengers is not formed. Since social distancing is the prime need of the nation, maximum counters must be ensured by customs which will ensure complete safety.

Sufficient Personnel for Passengers

AAI has also stated that sufficient staff must be deployed at all the important places of the Airport like washrooms, F&B outlets and many more. With sufficient personnel, Airport Authorities will be able to supervise passengers and encourage them to follow social distancing.

Limited F&B Facilities

Airport Authority of India has also directed Airport operators to reduce the F&B facilities at the arrival hall for passengers. The services would include tea, coffee and snacks. With all these measures, AAI will ensure that passengers have a safe and comfortable journey

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