Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card: Earn Up to 100,000 Bonus Avios Points

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If you are travelling with the flag carrier of Ireland, Aer Lingus, then you must have the Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card. Why? It is because of all the benefits which you can avail for travelling with the airline in the future. You can earn up to 100,000 Bonus Avios Points with the help of Aer Lingus Signature Card. Here is how — First of all, you need to sign-up for the card. For doing so, you will have to pay an annual fee of $95. When you receive the card, you are eligible for the bonus. To earn the bonus, you will have to spend a minimum of $3,000 on purchases using the card in the first three months. When you do that, you will receive 50,000 Avios points as a bonus. But don’t worry, you are eligible for earning another bonus and for that you will have to spend $20,000 in the first year of getting the card. When you do this, you earn another 50,000 Avios points. In case you do not receive the bonus in your account in the first 2 years, then you can claim it from the bank. Aer-Lingus-Visa-Signature-Card-Features-Detailed

How to Earn Avios Points for Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card?

Earning Avios is not a hard task. For every dollar that you spend in purchasing the tickets or services of Aer Lingus, you will earn 3 Avios points. This also extends to airlines such as British Airways and Iberia. For every dollar that you spend on booking hotels and accommodations, you earn 2 Avios points. Every other purchase brings 1 Avios point for every dollar spent. With this, you should also understand how you will not earn Avios points. You will not earn Avios points for the following — balance transfers, cash advances, traveller’s checks, money orders, lottery tickets, any checks that access your account, interest, unauthorised or fraudulent charges, fees of any kind including the annual fee.

Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card Benefits

There are many benefits that you can get with the Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card. One of those benefits is that you can get a Commercial Companion ticket. Every calendar year, for once, you will be able to get a commercial companion ticket when you spend $30,000 with your Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card. This ticket can be used to book your partner or friend an economy class ticket to any part of the world. Along with this, you and all the authorised users of the card will be allowed priority boarding on all the flights departing from Ireland and the US. In addition to this, there are no transaction fees levied on International transactions.

Additional Benefits of Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card

With the Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card, you get all sorts of travel and purchase coverage. You will get the facility of Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver. You can easily decline the collision insurance of the car rental company as you can put the entire charge of the damage to the card. Along with this, you get baggage delay insurance. Whenever your baggage is delayed for more than hours, you can claim up to reimbursements of up to $100 for it. You also get purchase protection of 120 days for all the new purchases which you make and get benefits up to any amount between $500 and $50,000. If you or any of your family member’s luggage has been lost or damaged by the airline, you can claim up to $3,000 per person. If you didn’t know, there is a benefit of contactless pay as well. Just check if your card supports contactless pay by searching for the symbol of contactless pay in your card and use it accordingly.

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