Air Arabia Abu Dhabi Got the ‘ Air Operating Certificate’, to Fly Soon

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At a time, when the global aviation industry is in a panic about how to recover from the losses they had to endure, UAE is going to get its new airline on the skies soon. Some of the most prominent investors, such as Warren Buffett have pulled their investments out of the aviation industry and do not trust the aviation market for the next few years to remain stable. At such a time, it is surprising to see another new airline trying to make it to the sky—the new airline which is being talked about it Air Arabia Abu Dhabi. The airline has got the ‘ Air Operating Certificate’ and will now become the country’s fifth air carrier.


Air Arabia Abu Dhabi to Finalise the Date of Launch Soon

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi has not given an exact date for the launch of its operations yet. For now, they are working closely with the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The airline would only launch its services when the market conditions improve, and air travel starts gaining traction again. Till then, Air Arabia Abu Dhabi will keep working with the authorities on developing a perfect plan for its future.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi Follows an Old Business Model

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi has received the 3L reservation code by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The airline aims to operate low-cost flights and be recognised as one of the best economy class airlines in the world. Air Arabia Abu Dhabi was formed by an agreement between Air Arabia and Etihad Airways to create an independent joint venture company. The Abu Dhabi International Airport will serve as the airline’s hub. Air Arabia Abu Dhabi is going to include some of the new destinations from the capital. Saif Al Suwaidi, the Director-General of GCAA, said that UAE’s aviation sector is very confident that it will come out of the crisis very soon and will keep working on long-term prospects.

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