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AirAsia recently celebrated the arrival of its first Airbus A321neo aircraft. The airline currently operates a fleet of 272 aircraft. AirAsia has made a lot of progress and captured a sustainable share in the market. One of the innovative services that the airline recently started was its web check-in facility inside the New Delhi Metro Station to save their flyers a lot of time. But AirAsia did something that no one expected. It started selling its competitors tickets through its website. To those of you wondering what this is, it is nothing but an attempt from the airline to become a travel website. Have you ever cancelled your flight with AirAsia though? If you have or haven’t, you should still know how AirAsia Flight cancellation works. Read ahead to find out.


What is AirAsia Flight Cancellation? 

Some of the other airlines such as GoAir offer flight cancellation services as well. AirAsia flight cancellation provides you with the power to cancel your flight before its scheduled departure. The timeframe to cancel your flight is up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure. You don’t have to worry a lot about refunds because if your ticket came under the refundable category, you will be refunded the whole amount. Yes, there are two types of flight tickets from AirAsia, one is refundable and the other is non-refundable.

The refundable ticket is a bit expensive. But it will certainly save you from the hefty amount of sum that you have to pay while cancelling your ticket. In case you have a non-refundable ticket and miss out on your flight or don’t board it willingly, you can still claim for the airport taxes that you paid. The timeline to do that is 6 months from the scheduled departure of your flight. There is another situation though when you might face flight cancellation. Sometimes, due to unexpected technical failures in the aircraft, or due to bad weather conditions, your flight is cancelled by the airline. According to the AirAsia flight cancellation policies, if your flight gets cancelled and the responsible party for it is the airline, then you will be provided with a full refund. How do you cancel your flight though? Just go to the airline’s website and log in. Then search for an option called manage my bookings. In there you will find all of your active bookings. Click on the one you want to cancel and you will find an option to cancel it. Click on it, the airline will then ask for your final confirmation, if you confirm it, your flight will be cancelled.

What is Flight Change? 

AirAsia flight cancellation policies are useless if you don’t want to cancel your flight but only change it. There are other policies which govern it. First of all, you can’t change your flight if less than 48 hours are remaining for the departure of your flight. You can change your flight anytime before 2 days from the scheduled departure. For charges, if the flight that you have booked is cheaper than the original flight, then no refunds will be paid to you. But if the flight is expensive than your original flight, then the difference in fares will have to be paid by you. The flight change is not confirmed until the time AirAsia provides you with an issue number. You can change your flights, but not the route of it. There are no extra charges on flight change currently.

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