Air Deccan Puts Employees On Sabbatical Without Pay

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Air Deccan, one of the regional airlines of India announced on April 5, 2020, that it is stopping all of its operations. The employees of the airline are going to face the impact of this. Air Deccan has decided to put all of its employees on sabbatical without any pay at the moment. The airline started back in 2017 and is relatively new and thus doesn’t have many resources to counter the cash crunch at the moment. The CEO of Air Deccan, Arun Kumar Singh, told the employees of the airline via email that there will be no operations within the airline until further notice.
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Next Week’s Meeting Is Going Be Crucial

Arun Kumar Singh informed in his email that there is going to be a meeting next week where it will be decided about which employees are to be continued with at the moment. This will be to ensure that the airline can start its operations nominally when the government of India removes the flying restrictions. Many employees will be waiting keenly for the decision of board members of the airline. Air Deccan has to take such a measure because of no revenues being rolling at the time of lockdown.

Employees Are Given The Right of Refusal

Arun Kumar Singh confirmed that when the airline resumes its operations, every employee put on sabbatical will be given the right of refusal. Air Deccan doesn’t operate a massive fleet of flights, and there is no cargo division of the airline as well. Only cargo flights are allowed to take off under exceptional circumstances. There is no way to make money for the airline as for now. Air Deccan is keenly waiting for the government’s decision to resume all of its commercial operations. Some of the other airlines, such as SpiceJet has also enforced a cut on the salaries of its employees. These are undoubtedly hard times for the aviation industry.

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