Air France Flights To Resume Gradually In The Coming Months

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The French flag carrier, Air France has announced that it is going to resume operations soon. Currently, the airline’s 80% of aircraft are grounded in short-term storages. This is because Air France flights are going to resume gradually in the next three months. The grounded flights are distributed in three airports across France. The airline has kept a force of 1000 employees to work and maintain its grounded fleet. At the same time, more than 45,000 employees of the airline have been put on temporary leave. The government of France is helping these employees and at the moment.

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Air France Will Increase Flight Operations Post May 11

Air France will increase flight operations post-May 11 by increasing the number of flights in the routes Nice, Marseille, and Toulouse. These three major airports of France are still open despite the confinement of airline operations. Further from July, the airline will increase its number of flights from the current 5% capacity to the 30% capacity. This will, however, depend on the number of countries reopening their borders for them. The airline has been successful in maintaining a ‘minimum service’ between essential European airports by flying a minimal number of flights per week.

Air France Flight Rules For Social Distancing

Every airline in the world will restart its operations by keeping in mind the rules for social distancing. Social distancing is the ask of the hour, and none of the aviation regulators in the world will allow any airline to resume their operations without implementing a few new rules first. Airlines are being asked to fly with only two-thirds of their capacity. This is going to be very expensive for the airlines and its likely to result in even costly airfares.

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