Air India Announces Start of New Amritsar-Stansted Route With First Flight on October 31, 2019

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Air India currently is on the line for divestment by the government wherein, the government is looking to sell its entire stake in the airline. During this period, all the promotions, fleet expansion and appointments for the airline have been halted. However, the retrieved aircrafts of Air India are what allowing the national carrier to expand its routes internationally. Recently we have seen Air India start flights to Doha and Toronto. Now, in a new turn of events, Air India has announced that it is launching a flight on the Amritsar-Stansted (London) route. This new flight will begin on October 31, 2019, and it will operate on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.


Air India to Use 256 Seater Aircraft

As reported by IANS, the Airline said, "The 256-seater Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft will connect Amritsar to Stansted to facilitate Sikh pilgrims visiting Punjab.” Starting October 27, Air India will also begin an Amritsar-Patna flight. For this route, the carrier will use a 162 seater aircraft.

Divestment Process for Air India Proceeds Ahead

It is worth noting that while Air India continues to expand routes using its ungrounded aircrafts, the divestment process is also going ahead with the Union Home Minister leading the panel of other ministers to decide the further steps in the stake sale of the government. It has been reported that the government is likely to invite Expression of Interest from the bidders in a few weeks’ time.



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