Air India Business Class and First Class Domestic Upgrades Start at Rs 4,000: Check Details

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Sometimes for the passengers moving from point A to point B using flights, travel is not only about the journey but is also about the experience that one has during the flight and the entire flight boarding and deplaning process. While economy class tickets do exactly what the name suggests, the Business Class and the First Class flying experience remains a thing of fascination for most flyers because of the costs involved. However, every flyer must always experience the Business Class and the First Class services in their lifetime. These services mostly include exclusive services on the flight like welcome drinks, hot towels and more. In Air India flights, the flyers usually have the option of pre-booking Business Class and First Class Tickets while they are making their reservations. But, in case you have an economy class ticket and you want to upgrade to Business Class, then the Get Upfront service will come to your rescue.


Air India Business Class Benefits

Now, the Business Class ticket will firstly get you a set at the front of the aircraft which will be much more comfortable than the economy class seats. The passengers on the Business Class seats would be able to enjoy more legroom, comfortable seats and they would be served with welcome drinks while they board the plane. Not only this, but they would also get a complimentary meal on the flight which will be a little more than what the economy class passengers enjoy. Now that you have understood the benefits that a business class seat would get you, it is time to see how on an Air India flight you would be able to upgrade to a Business Class or a First Class seat and what are the things you should keep in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind Before you Upgrade to Business or First Class

So, firstly Air India has noted that the facility to upgrade at the airport under the scheme will be open up to 1 hour before the departure of flight only. Also, there would be two options with the passengers if they want to upgrade, firstly they could pay up at the airport for an upgrade or, they could buy an EMD (upgrade voucher) in advance across the country. Also, the passengers should note that the upgrade would only be available to the next class meaning that you will be able to upgrade from Economy to Business and Business to First Class only, and upgrading from Economy to First Class will not be possible. The baggage allowance that you will get as part of this offer, would remain the same as your original ticket and you would not get the more baggage allowance of the upgraded flight. Lastly, it is to be kept in mind that the upgrade would be possible only if the seats are available in a particular class.

If you are planning to upgrade using the Get Upfront Offer, then you should also note that the Lounge facility at the airport would only be available to for Revenue Passengers, and non-revenue passengers who have booked tickets with Award tickets, Companion free tickets, Concessional tickets, Discounted tickets like PR tickets AD / ID tickets, etc will not be able to enjoy Lounge facilities even though they have got an upgrade.

Air India Upgrade Costs

Coming to the costs involved for an upgrade to Economy to Business Class, the passengers will have to pay Rs 4,000 if the journey is less than 750 km, and they would have to pay Rs 7,000 if the journey is more than 7,000 km. Further, the cost of upgradation from Business Class to First Class would be Rs 4,000 as well for under 750 km journey, and it would be Rs 7,000 for beyond that. On top of this, additional 12% GST would also be applicable. This offer would be valid till March 31, 2020.

In other related news, Air India is currently under a divestment process which will ensure that government sells its entire stake in the national carrier. Tata Group has also shown interest in bidding for Air India.

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