Air India Evacuates Second Group of Indian Citizens from China

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Using an Air India flight, Indians are being airlifted out of China to save them from the Corona virus outbreak. In the first rescue flight from Air India, 324 Indians were airlifted from the Wuhan district. Currently, the death toll from the Corona virus has crossed 350 across the world, with more than 17,000 identified cases. On 7:30 AM, Saturday, the flight carrying 110 professionals, 211 students, and three minors reached Delhi from Wuhan, reported Livemint. But, in a relief to more Indian citizens in China, Indian Embassy in China has tweeted that it will be carrying one more flight for the citizens who want to come back to India. 


Indian Embassy Informs Citizens of Second Flight

Indian Embassy tweeted, “We look forward to operating another flight to evacuate remaining Indian nationals, who have consented to leave Hubei Province for the time being,” This flight left for Wuhan at 12:50 PM on Saturday. The crew on the flight was different but the doctors’ team remained the same. It is worth noting that Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province. 

Quarantine Facility Set up in New Delhi

Indian Army has setup a quarantine facility in Manesar in New Delhi where the citizens coming from China are being prospected for infection. The citizens will be monitored for the signs of Corona virus for two weeks and will be kept in quarantine. There will also be a team of doctors and staff members for catering to the patients. 

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