Air India Buyer Will Be an Indian Entity and Nobody From Outside

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The process of Air India’s disinvestment had intrigued a lot of foreign carriers to invest in the debt-laden carrier, however, according to the disinvestment reports, Air India will continue to be the major national carrier of the domestic aviation and 60% shares of the carrier must be governed by Indian Investors. Marking the words of the reports, the government has already rejected the delusion plan of the ownership Air India. As per the government, the foreign ownership in the whole process of privatisation cannot be more than 49%, and the headquarters of the debt-laden carrier must be functional from India.

Air India-Disinvestment-Process

Air India will function without any Interruptions

According to the words of CH Aviation “All the major airlines have been showing their interest in Air India, but we will wait for the final bids to arrive. The initial expectations from the bid is not an airline but a coalition of companies to match the size of the airline. In the disinvestment process, major carriers like Etihad and IndiGo have already expressed their interest in the debt-laden carrier. In a social media post by the ministry of civil aviation, the government noted that Air India will function without any interruptions and will also improve its operations to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey to customers. During the whole disinvestment process, stakeholders will not get any trouble."

Air India plans to Secure Slots at Heathrow Airport

CH Aviation has also noted that amidst the disinvestment process of the carrier and in the quest of improving operations, Air India is planning to secure slots at Heathrow Airport and has already gained temporary access which will allow the carrier to increase their flights between Mumbai and London. The whole flying operation will possibly start from mid-February and might stretch till March. 

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