Air India Domestic Baggage Policies, Here Is All You Need To Know

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Air India is one of the oldest airlines in the domestic Indian aviation industry. Over the years, It has made quite a reputation for itself. Most of the high-level government authorities including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels by Air India. Recently though, it has been facing quite a few problems with paying off its debt. Air India Assets Holding Ltd (AIAHL) is a special body made by the government whose sole purpose is to help in clearing out Air India’s debt. In the past few months, it has been successfully able to do it by issuing government bonds. But it does not let its problems come to surface with its customers and ruin their flying experience. The airline aims to provide a smooth flying experience to its flyers. One of the elements of good flying experience is the baggage check-in process and the policies regarding it.


Air India Check-In Baggage Policies

Air India is known for its amazing policies for free check-in luggage allowance. While most of the other airlines only allow a limit of 15 kgs free for economy class passengers, Air India allows its flyers 25 kgs free. Except when you are flying in an Alliance Air flight, then you will be only allowed 15kgs. But if you have a connecting flight where one of the flights you take is an Air India aircraft, then you will be allowed 25 kgs of luggage. If you are travelling in the Business class of the airline, the luggage allowance limit spike up to 35 kgs and for first-class 40 kgs. If an infant is travelling with you, you will be allowed an extra 10 kgs for him/her. But if you are wondering about the maximum weight limit a single bag can carry, it is 32 kgs and not more than that. The policies for its members who are under the premium clubs are different though.

Air India Hand Baggage or Carry-On Baggage

We carry a lot of important things such as our medicines and gadgets in our hand baggage. For dimensions of the luggage, height of the bag should not exceed 55 cms (22 inches) and length should not exceed 35 cms (14 inches) and for width, it is 25 cms (10 inches). As for the weight of the hand baggage, 8 kgs is permitted. Only one bag is allowed at a time.

Policies For Excess Baggage And Restricted Items

So what happens when you exceed the permitted limit of baggage. You simply have to pay extra charges for it. For every extra kg that is exceeded, you will have to pay a charge of Rs 500 plus GST. The charges are the same for both check-in luggage and hand luggage. However, you have to care about the banned items, which you are not allowed to carry with yourself. Things such as lighters, a replica of toy weapon, metal scissors with pointed tips, and any sharp objects should not be with you in your hand baggage. Any sports materials such as cricket bats, baseball bats and any other kind of sticks which can be used to harm someone or something inside the plane should not be in your hand luggage. Apple also said that MacBook Pro’s that it sold between 2015 to 2017 have excessive battery heating issues, so the airline has restricted it from being carried in the aircraft. You have the luxury to place them in your check-in luggage. As for check-in luggage, the prohibited items are any sort of explosive materials such as gun powder, flare guns, fireworks or any of the other flammable items. You cannot carry any radioactive materials as well such as acids, wet-cell batteries etc. Kirpans which is an important religious symbol for Sikh’s are allowed but they too a size limit of 6-inch blades and 3-inch handles.

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