Air India Economical Prices Will Let You Book Cheap Flight Tickets on the Airline

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Air India has come into a lot of controversies recently, but amidst all the problems, the airline has been able to continue its services smoothly. Air India was also successful in capturing growth in revenue rate in their international flight services, all thanks to Jet Airways. The airline gained a 20% revenue hike in the first eight months of Jet Airways exit. But still, it is not enough to compensate for the loss Air India is facing regularly. According to some stats, the airline loses around 20 to 26 crores every other of its business and already has a mountain of debt. It will still be operational though and the changes will only take place once the privatisation of the airline will be confirmed. It has certainly become a hard task for the government to run the airline. This is the reason the government is looking to sell the entire stake to a private buyer. Air India has been trying to cover the ground by trying to provide unique offers and services. It has lucrative student offers. You can also try the airline’s updated mobile application. But now, you should also know about the Air India economical prices.


What Are Air India Economical Prices? 

If you travel from flights a lot, you know booking at the last minute can leave a hole in your pocket. When you book a flight for the same day, you have to pay a lot of money. During emergencies, you can’t do anything. But now with Air India, economical prices offer, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can just book your flights at the last minute and still pay the same amount you would have paid had you booked your flight earlier. So under the offer, you can purchase your seats till 6 hours before the scheduled departure of a flight and avail economical prices for it. The offer applies to the age group of both children and adults. If you are wondering from when is the offer applicable, know that it has already started and the airline has not specified till how long exactly it will keep this offer up. You must know that the offer is only for select domestic routes only, so if you want to book an international flight using this offer, you cannot do so.

What You Must Know About The Prices

You won’t get any additional benefits on the bag allowances. The standard bag allowance policy will apply depending on the kind of fare you have paid. If you choose to cancel or modify your flight within the short time frame there will be for you to do that, the airline will charge standard fees for both cancelling and modifying the flight. Under Air India, economical prices offer, you will also earn FFP miles as per your booking class using which you can grab amazing offers and deals for you from the airline. In addition to all this, the airline reserves the right of withdrawing or modifying the offer anytime it wants. So you should act fast if you want to enjoy the benefits of this offer. Air India has been providing flying services to its customers for a good number of years now and it is likely to continue for more time after the privatisation takes place. The flag carrier has launched the economical prices offer with a target to attain more customers this winter, only time will tell how many people benefit from the offer.

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