Air India Largest Employees Union Opposes Privatisation of Airline, Warns of Harsh Consequences

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While the government of India is pretty bullish on the idea of selling its entire stake in the national carrier, Air India, the members of the largest union of Air India, ACEU, are not in favour of the idea. The ACEU (Air Corporation Employees Union) has said that the political decision to privatise the airline will be met with harsh consequences. The union has also remarked that the decision to privatise the airline is neither in favour of the nation nor in the favour of the aviation sector.


ACEU Holds Meeting in Hyderabad

It is worth noting that the Air Corporation Employees Union met in Hyderabad last week. In this meeting, it was decided that the union would launch a “united struggle” against the privatisation of the airline. Such a move has already been attempted in the past twice by the union, but both the struggles ended in failure for the union.

Union Strongly Opposes Privatisation of Air India

The union has also accused the government of going against its “rational” arguments against the privatisation of the airline. It also noted that the government has already once tried selling stake in the airline but failed to get a buyer. It is also crucial to note that because of the intensely competitive sector, over six private airlines, JetAirways, Air Pegasus, Air Odisha, Air Costa, Air Carnival and Zoom Air have shut down operations in the last half-decade.

The union remarked, "The decision taken at the political level is fraught with disastrous consequences both from the point of view of the civil aviation sector as well in the interest of nation.” ACEU has also said that it will join hands with other public sector unions to campaign against the privatisation of the airline.

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