Transformation Journey: Air India, Air India Express and AirAsia India to Relocate to a Common Workspace

As a part of revamping efforts, the Tata Group plans to house employees of all the group airlines under one workspace to strengthen the organisation's culture and efficiency and upgrade employees' work environment and facilities.


  • Air India embarks on strategy to consolidate workspaces
  • To vacate government owned premises; centralise existing regional structures
  • Air India, Air India Express and AirAsia India to be housed jointly in modern office campus in National Capital Region by March 2023

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Transformation Journey: Air India, Air India Express and AirAsia India to Relocate to a Common Workspace

Air India is a part of TATA Group now, and the airline is getting revamped from what we see with the moves made by the company. From bolstering flights on its domestic and international network to selecting AirGain for Real-time pricing insights, the transformation is gradually happening with the airline. In another development, Air India undertakes a strategy to consolidate workspaces for the functioning of the airlines under the group. Read to know the finer details.

Air India, Air India Express and AirAsia India to be housed jointly in a Modern Office Campus

As an integral part of its transformation agenda, Air India has embarked on its strategy to consolidate workspaces across the country. This consolidation of workspaces is being undertaken to improve collaboration, strengthen the organisation's culture, upgrade employees' work environment and facilities and more easily deploy new technology.

Beginning this month, a number of Air India offices presently housed in government-owned premises across the country are being vacated. The largest base of staff, located in Delhi’s Airlines House, Safdarjung Complex, GSD Complex and IGI Terminal One, will move to an interim office space in Gurugram, National Central Region (NCR), before ultimately relocating to campus at the newly-constructed Vatika One-On-One development in early 2023.

Workspace consolidation Benefits

With the relocation and consolidation of offices, the airline’s regionalised organisation structure will be progressively disbanded and replaced with a centralised one. This will allow consolidation of presently-dispersed teams, co-location of managers with their teams and physical adjacency of related functions. The physical move will be accompanied by a greater focus on team and culture building, together with efforts to enhance accountability and result orientation.

Vatika One-on-One Campus to Accommodate Air India Express and Air Asia India

Besides Air India, the Vatika One-on-One campus is being provisioned to accommodate Air India Express and Air Asia India, and the establishment of group-level functions for better capability, effectiveness and economies of scale across the airlines.

Support for Employees planning to shift their base

The transition to the interim facility in NCR is being undertaken during the course of September 2022. Key relevant support to employees, who are planning to shift their base, is being provided. Air India will also be providing last mile connectivity to the office premises from the closest public transport stations for ease of travel. Flexible work hours are also being offered to employees. A senior team is also relooking at the offices in different cities which are housed in legacy premises, with some in Chennai and Kochi having already moved to modern office premises.

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