Air India Revises Freight Charges for Transporting Human Remains from UAE to India

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Previously, Air India, the national carrier used to follow a very much criticised method of calculating human remains based on bodies’ weights. Putting an end to that method, now Air India has implemented uniform charges for transporting human remains from UAE to India. The airline revealed that there will be a flat rate of Dh1500 on all mortal remains no matter what the destination is and weight of the body is. Also, if the human remains are of children below 12 years, then there is going to be a 50% discount, the airline officer revealed.

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According to a Gulf News report, the Indians in UAE had continuously been in protest against the pricing methods of Air India for transporting human remains from UAE to India. However, now Air India has applied uniform pricing for these cases and for all India bound flights carrying human remains. It is also worth noting that this implementation is not only for UAE but for all Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries like Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. The freight charges to repatriate human remains from these countries will be 160 Riyal from Oman, 175 Dinar from Kuwait, 2200 Riyal from Saudi Arabia, 225 Dinar from Bahrain and 2200 Riyal from Qatar.

The Indian consulate in Dubai has also been informed of this new pricing implementation by Air India pertaining to transporting human remains. Earlier, the pricing method of Air India was very heavily criticised by the Indians living in the Gulf countries and had witnessed a lot of protest against it.

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