Air India Wins The Record Of Flying The Longest Flight In Shortest Duration, Beats Emirates

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Air India has achieved a unique feat of operating the world’s longest flight in the shortest duration. The airline’s flight between Delhi and San Francisco covers a distance of 15,300 kms in just 14.5 hours. The aviation world is in awe, mainly because the plane took the trans-Pacific route, which is 1,400 km longer than the usual Atlantic route and still managed to maintain the shortest duration.

Air India

According to reports, Air India’s choice to fly along with the direction of the wind has made this feat possible. This has helped Air India save 13 tonnes of fuel.

Through the new achievement, Air India beat Dubai-based air carrier Emirates. Emirates operated a flight from Dubai to Auckland in 16.5 hours covering 14,200 kms, which was the milestone until now.

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Meanwhile, the disinvestment process of Air India is on progress. The airline plans to raise Rs 7000 crore in the bond sale. The airline plans to close a portion of the national carrier’s loan with this amount. Air India had total debt of Rs 55,000 crore, and the reduction by Rs 29,464 crore cut the carrier’s annual interest liabilities by about Rs 2,700 crore. The plan is to raise over Rs 22,000 crore, including the Rs 7,000 crore, in two tranches.

“The assigned rating factors in the obligation of the Government of India towards the Rs 7,000 crore proposed NCD program of AIAHL as per the letter of authorization (LoA) dated June 18,” ICRA said in a note last week.

“As per the LoA, the repayment of principal and the interest payment for the captioned NCD program fully serviced bonds shall be met by the Government of India by making suitable provisions in the budget of the Ministry of Civil Aviation,” the note stated.

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