Air India SBI Signature Card: Everything You Should Know

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Credit cards which offer flyer miles are the best. Air India SBI Signature Card offers flyer miles to its customers when they purchase something from the card. Not only flyer miles, but many other benefits as well. You have to pay a joining fee for the card though. Nothing good ever comes for free. The first year fee for you is Rs 4,999. You don’t get the card for lifetime just by paying the first year fee though. There is also a renewal fee in the second year, which is also Rs 4,999. Don’t worry; there are joining perks as well. You don’t just pay all that money to join for nothing. When you get the card and complete full payment for it, you are eligible to get 20,000 reward points credited in your account. You can use these reward points, in the same manner, you use reward points that you earn by spending money with your card.



Benefits of The Air India SBI Signature Card

Firstly, let’s take a look at all the travel benefits of the card. There is a Priority Pass program where you can enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges at more than 600 airports all over the world. There is also a free visa lounge access program using which you can get two free lounge access per quarter in the domestic airports. Whenever you purchase a ticket with Air India using the Air India SBI Signature Card, you will earn 30 reward points for every Rs 100 that you spend. With other purchases, earn four points for every Rs 100 that you spend. Just to provide a perspective, each reward point is one Air India Air Mile.

Along with this, you get a 1% surcharge on all the fuel transactions that you make. You will get a maximum waiver of Rs 250 per month using for the fuel. Then you can pay all the utility bills using this card very easily. If you want, you can also covert the pending amount in your card to an EMI system if the amount that you owe to the bank is more than Rs 2,500. If you travel from Railways a lot as well, you will get the advantage of tickets being delivered to you right in your home. If you ever lose your card or have any problems with it, there is a helpline active 24/7 of the bank, and they will get you sorted with your problems.

Eligibility Criteria For Air India SBI Signature Card

You have to be an Indian citizen to be able to apply for the card. The minimum age for the primary cardholder has to be 18 years. Along with this, your credit score should be high as well. The documents which you must remember to provide to the bank are - Proof of Income, Residential Proof, Identity Proof, Copy of Form 60, Coloured passport sized Photographs. You can apply for the card online from the website of State Bank of India.

Charges of Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

First of all, the yearly fee for the card is Rs 4,999, which applies to the renewal of the card as well. There is 2.5% charge on cash withdrawal for minimum withdraw limit of Rs 300 through an SBI, and domestic ATM and a 3% charge on cash withdrawal for a minimum withdraw limit of Rs 300 through International ATM’s. The card comes with a 3.35% interest rate per month. If you lose out on your card and need it to be reissued, you will have to pay a charge of Rs 100.

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