AirAsia Big Membership Offers Exclusive Benefits to Members Like Free Flights, Events Among Others

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AirAsia is one of the most used reputable airlines in India. Over the years, it has made several improvisations to its services to be able to provide its customers with a new experience. It is also referred to as a budget carrier in India. It is because it allows a very cheap travel experience when compared with its peers in the aviation industry. Recently, AirAsia announced its 6 million ticket sale offer. In the deal, the airline will provide its customers with huge discounts on their travel tickets, hotel stays and also allow extra baggage. The airline is very true to its customers and also provide them with insurance plans for both domestic and international flights. Like other airlines, AirAsia has its membership program for its customers as well. It is called AirAsia Big Membership program. It includes a lot of benefits for any customer who is a member.


Benefits and Why You Should Join the Program

AirAsia Big Membership works the same way other membership programs work. You have to earn points by buying the airline’s services, and then in the future, you can use these points to avail yourself with some amazing benefits. The points that you earn under the Big Membership program are called BIG points. The more BIG points you have, the more benefits you can avail. Why should you join the membership though? Here is why! If you are a frequent traveller with the airline, you might enjoy a flight which is free of cost for you. Yes, by using the BIG points, you can avail free flights for a total of 150 destinations all around the world. You will also get the priority when some new sale from the airline starts. You can also avail extra baggage allowance for yourself. Before anyone else, BIG members of the airline will be prioritised to purchase from the sales. You also get fixed points whenever you fly to any destination in the world with AirAsia. On your birthday month, you also stand a chance to win some gifts and passes to exclusive screenings, and other events.

How Can You Earn AirAsia Big Membership Big Points?

There is no one way to earn BIG Points. There are several and very easy. One of the methods is BigPay. It is an application which you can use to pay for all your travels. You will earn 1 BIG Point for every RM20 that you spend locally or overseas. Also, when you book your travel with any of our travel partners, you will earn BIG Points. You can earn BIG points by having a lot of fun as well. This is called BIG loyalty activities. You can visit AirAsia’s on-ground events and participate in the fun competitions they organise. There are also surveys which you can help out with and earn BIG points on the go. There is also eStore by AirAsia. For every RM1 you spend in the store to purchase anything, you will earn 1 BIG point.

How To Redeem The BIG Points?

You can redeem a one-way flight with just a mere 500 BIG points for totally free with AirAsia of course. AirAsia X flight deals are also available to be redeemed with the BIG points. AirAsia Big Membership isn’t good only because it lets you redeem your points against the services of AirAsia, but also allows you to redeem points in other stores such as Lifestyle and its other 238 shopping partners. You can also use the BIG points to knock off a portion of charges from the next flight ticket that you book.

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