AirAsia India: FlyAhead Service Helps You to Take an Early Flight

Passengers who reach the airport six hours or more before their scheduled flight departure can opt for the FlyAhead service at the AirAsia Airport Counter.

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AirAsia India: FlyAhead Service Helps You to Take an Early Flight

Unexpected events happen in our life, and so do the experiences while travelling. The cancellation of that meeting in the city you have travelled to all the way irks, right? Hotel check-out times, travel duration, meetings and commitments, and whatnot. There may be innumerable reasons, due to which we reach the Airport way early than required.

If you are not bound to tight schedules, you may relax, chill or enjoy your leisure time at the Airport. But what in the case of tight schedules? You need to keep up with the pace and keep the journey going. Considering this scenario, maybe, AirAsia India launched FlyAhead Service earlier this year in February.

AirAsia FlyAhead Service:

I love waiting, said no one ever. With AirAsia's 'FlyAhead' Service, passengers wishing to take an earlier flight can opt for this facility on direct flights by contacting AirAsia Airport counters. FlyAhead service facilitates convenience, flexibility and comfort to passengers who are short on time and looking forward to flying early.

How to Avail the Service?

Passengers who reach the Airport six hours before their scheduled flight departure can opt for the AirAsia FlyAhead service, subject to the flight load. The service will be confirmed only 75 minutes before departure of the desired early flight, based on availability.

Step 1: Guest to reach the Airport 6 hrs prior.
Step 2: Reach out to the AirAsia Airport counter to check for earlier flights.
Step 3: Choose an earlier flight within the 6 hr window.
Step 4: Guest to pay a service fee.

Charges of FlyAhead Service:

A nominal fee of Rs 1,500 applies for the service.

Benefits for Corporate/SMEs:

Change fees of Rs 3,000 and fare difference fee would not be applicable and waived off for passengers opting for AirAsia FlyAhead Service. Remember the Flybiz services of the Airline we discussed some time back? Yeah, guests booked to travel on corporate/SME fares can avail this service at a reduced fee of Rs 500.

Things to Know:

1. Passengers can avail this service only with their physical presence at the Airport counters.
2. Service available on direct flights only.
3. With FlyAhead Service, as the name suggests, passengers can only advance their flight and cannot postpone flights.

On-Time Performance: Air Asia Leads

At this juncture, it is worth noting that in the On-Time Performance (OTP) metric of domestic airlines, computed for metro airports viz. Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, Air Asia tops with a percentage of 95.5 in July 2022 for the 4th time in a row.


The highlight of the service is a flat fee of Rs 1500 and a waiver of the fare difference. As most business travellers struggle with tight schedules, benefits to Corporates/SMEs are a feather to the cap of the FlyAhead Service. Next time you check out early and travel with AirAsia, remember the duration of 6 hours to fly early!

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