AirAsia India Now Helping Customers Through WhatsApp

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AirAsia India is now going to help its customers through WhatsApp. The low-cost airline is looking for ways to capture the attention of its customers and reverse its losses. Coming to the WhatsApp platform is a wise move from the airline since there are millions of Indians using the social media app. It will make it convenient for the users to connect with the airline and solve their queries about anything faster and easier. For engaging with the customers though, there won’t be actual people. The airline is going to take help of a chatbot which will do all the conversations on behalf of the airline.


AirAsia India Will Use Chatbot AVA

AirAsia Virtual Allstar (AVA) is not something the customers of the airline are not familiar with. It is a chatbot which is already handling millions of customers of the airline. It is handling them through other portals of the airline such as in Facebook and their own website.

By offering the WhatsApp service, AirAsia India has become the first airline in the country to provide such a service. With over 400 million Indians on WhatsApp, AirAsia India sure can take good advantage of it. 96% of Indian users have WhatsApp as their primary messaging app which is a huge stat.

Ankur Garg, Chief Commercial Officer of AirAsia India said, “As a progressive, digitally-led organisation, AVA offers a high standard of customer service powered by artificial intelligence. With AVA's availability on WhatsApp, we are taking another step towards delivering happiness to our guests, helping them reach us at the click of a button in the most convenient way possible.”

AVA is a very smart chatbot. There is no need to worry if you don’t know English, there are over 11 languages this chatbot can understand. Those 11 languages are — Korean, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Hindi, English, Vietnamese and a few more.

AirAsia Malaysia and AirAsia India both have been under tremendous losses over the last year and quarter. Tony Fernandes, CEO of the airline believes they will come out of the bad phase very soon by raising money.

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