AirAsia Launches Technology Courses in Partnership With Google to Train Employees

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Malaysia based carrier, AirAsia is making new leaps in the aviation industry. We got to know a few weeks earlier that AirAsia has started a new restaurant featuring its in-flight meals. Now, AirAsia has made a new interesting move in which it has launched a technology academy in partnership with Google. This news comes from CNBC which has noted that AirAsia Google Cloud Academy, which is the name of this new venture will be managed by AirAsia's venture fund RedBeat Ventures and Google Cloud. 


AirAsia to Equip Staff With Technical Knowledge

In February, the academy will be first accessible by all AirAsia employees. AirAsia’s goal with this new academy is to train its employees for the digital economy and better equip them with the skills needed in the coming times. As per AirAsia, this new training for the employees would "current and future business operations,” of AirAsia. Further, the Group President of the airline, Aireen Omar, remarked about this, "More jobs might become redundant in the next three years, so we are giving our employees the [opportunity] to reskill to suit the digital economy.” 

AirAsia Getting Revenue from Other Sources

As reported by Nikkei, some of the courses which will feature on the academy will include digital marketing, digital product management, software engineering, and building and designing tech infrastructure. Back in 2018, AirAsia had partnered up with Google to launch its operations with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

AirAsia has been expanding into different domains and creating more revenue sources because the revenue from the airline service has been falling because of rising fuel costs and industry competition. AirAsia is also expected to open up this academy for the general public by the year-end. The carrier has also reported an 18% rise in overall revenue in 2019, and a 26% increase in revenue from the auxiliary services. 

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