AirAsia Red Lounge: the Perfect Place For Experiencing Luxury At Airports   

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AirAsia has made its presence heard in the Indian markets. Majorly for providing a really good international flight experience to its customers. But the big news that has hit the market is that the airline is giving its rights to be controlled by the Tata group in India. There will be no influence on the airline in its direct operations in India. AirAsia India is going to be independently controlled by the Tata’s in India and not by its Malaysian parent. This is not very surprising news since a deal signed back in 2013 between the air carrier and the Tata’s gave the latter a 51% stake and AirAsia holds 49%. This is likely to improve the airline’s service in the domestic segment. If you are someone who likes travelling luxuriously then AirAsia has something really special for you. You might have heard about airport lounges, but with the airline, you can also experience AirAsia red lounge. It is a lounge specially dedicated to the flyers of the airline.


What You Should Know About AirAsia Red Lounge 

AirAsia red lounge is a lounge service provided by the airline which is only dedicated to people who are flying with the airline. To get the AirAsia red lounge access, you will have to purchase it directly from the airline. There is no concept of free entry in the red lounge if you are travelling in the standard seat class. The red lounge is a very warm and inviting place. You can just sit back, relax and chill while you wait to board your flight. While sitting at the airport, you can finish all the pending work you have very comfortably with no one disturbing you.

For now, the only airport that has the AirAsia Red Lounge is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. You can access the lounge in the terminal two of the airport. The airport lounge is accessible 24 hours a day daily. From the time you enter the airport, you are eligible for accessing the red lounge regardless of how much time there is for the departure of your flight. The lounge will also be displaying the time for each flight that is actively boarding so that you don’t miss your flight. However, if you are a premium flatbed and premium flex guests, then the red lounge will become complementary for you. But in case you have a standard seat then you can still get walk-in access to the airport for a mere RM85.00 You can also pre-book the red lounge access for yourself from the airline’s website.

Features Of AirAsia Red Lounge 

The AirAsia Red Lounge is arguably one of the best airport lounges in the whole world. You can experience fine dining inside the lounge. There will be a wide variety of meals that you can choose from and you won’t have to pay anything extra for anything that you eat inside. But in case you want to spend some extra bucks inside the red lounge, then you can purchase alcohol because it is not free. There is also a VIP room inside the lounge which you can get the access of. In case you have a business proceeding and you need quite a space then you should not have any problems with the VIP room. It also has free wifi connectivity available so that you can comfortably do business meetings online. In case you are just looking to relax and pass your time, then you can also go to the sunroom present inside the AirAsia red lounge. There are bean bags present in the sunroom where you can finish that bestseller you have been meaning to read for a long time.

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