AirAsia Passengers Can Book Seats of Their Liking: Here is How

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If you are familiar with AirAsia’s history, you might know that the low-cost carrier started its operations way back in 2001. The airline had only 2 planes in its fleet and those two were also not new, but ageing aircraft. But as of now, the airline is very settled with its operations and keeps providing excellent services to its customers. AirAsia currently has a fleet of 272 aircraft and it has confirmed that it will be adding more planes to its impressive fleet in the year 2020. Recently, it started its unique check-in facility at the New Delhi metro station as well with a goal to save their flyers some of their time. AirAsia has locked its horns to become a travel website too and in its attempt to do that the airline has already started selling its competitors flight tickets through its own website. AirAsia has looked after its flyers comfort and that is why AirAsia seats are one of the best in the whole industry.


AirAsia Seats You Can Choose From

If you like to travel in a particular type of seat, then with AirAsia seat policy now you have the convenience of doing so. But in case you don’t want to choose a seat on your own, you can relax, the airline will provide you with one. Just check-in and you will be allotted a free seat. But in case you want to choose one, there are charges of course. Depending on the type of seat you choose, you will have to pay. But for people who have purchased the value pack or are members of the airlines Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed club, they don’t have to pay anything.

Types Of Seats

There are three kinds of aircraft which AirAsia currently operates. One is the Airbus320, second is Airbus A330 and lastly the Airbus321neo. The composition of each of the aircraft is different and hence the price may vary in each. AirAsia seats are divided into three categories by the airline depending on their nature. The first one is premium flatbed seats. These are the most expensive seats that the airline offers. But it is expensive for a reason. You can enjoy luxury with the award-winning flatbed seats which come with some interesting perks. The second one is a quiet zone. In case you are a person who needs his/her quiet space in the flight, then you should definitely opt for the quiet zone seats. AirAsia makes sure that there is an atmosphere of silence maintained throughout the silence zone. These aren’t really that expensive. The third category of seats is emergency seats. You just have to fulfil the airline’s security and safety criteria and you can have these seats. Of course, there is a fee levied on these seats as well.

The Difference Between Standard and Hot Seats

AirAsia seats are different in different aircraft. While there are different aircraft, there are two seats which are common in each plane. The standard seats and the hot seats. The standard seats are of standard size and comfort. You won’t have a lot of flexibility with these seats. However, with hot seats, you have the luxury of more room for your legs and you can even stretch your seats out more than you can with your standard seats. But the Airbus A330 has one more seat which is different from hot seats and standard seats of the airline. These are the premium flatbed seats. As mentioned above, these are the most expensive seats that the airline offers but then they also have the capability of turning into a full flatbed and provide you utmost comfort.

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