AirAsia Offers Tune Protect Travel Insurance to Passengers for Domestic and Overseas Travel

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In recent times, the aviation industry is booming in India. Although the carriers do face problems like rising fuel and operation costs, the airlines are still striving hard to add new planes to their fleet, introducing new routes and are expanding their operations to cater to the growing demand in the aviation sector. This means that more than ever passengers are opting flights as their choice of travel for going from point A to point B. However, while flight travel is the safest form of travel there is, still there is a chance that any mishap can happen, which could include loss of baggage or any, unfortunately, any accident. Now, to give the passengers a worry-free experience and to offer them protection against such happenings, AirAsia is offering a Tune Protect travel insurance to its passengers. The passengers flying on AirAsia will be able to opt for this insurance with an additional fee to get the benefits.



AirAsia Tune Protect: How to Check Benefits

It is worth noting that the benefits which are available to the AirAsia passengers will differ with the kind of flight that they are opting for and also with the dates as well. The flights leaving after July 1, 2019, July 14, 2019, September 15, 2019, will be eligible for different benefits under the Tune Protect travel insurance. Further, the benefits are also differentiated by whether the passengers will opt for I5 flights in their AirAsia travel or AK flights. If you are unaware, AirAsia operates flights with two codes, I5 and AK. Further, AirAsia passengers can select whether they are opting for a regional, domestic or international flights to see the benefits which they would be able to avail under their Tune Protect travel insurance.

Benefits Enjoyed by Passengers Under Tune Protect

AirAsia has also listed the benefits which the passengers will be able to enjoy before, during and after their journey. In case the passengers get a Tune Protect travel insurance, before the journey they would be able to place a claim for reimbursement for the cost of the flight if the insured person has to cancel the trip due to the insured events (Excess USD 100 per claim). This claim could be up to USD 1,500. During the journey, the AirAsia passengers with Tune Protect insurance would be able to get personal accident benefits which include claims up to USD 50,000 for accidental death and bodily disablement. In case of loss of checked-in baggage, the passengers will get cover loss to baggage, clothing and personal effects of Insured Person up to USD 500. In case of baggage delay, the passengers will be able to get for every 6 hours delayed from the time of arrival USD 50 for 6 hours delay, up to USD 100. AirAsia flight delay claim can be up to USD 300, for a missed flight connection, the passengers will be insured for up to USD 200. Along with all these benefits, the passengers will be provided with travel assistance throughout their journey.

AirAsia Tune Protect Insurance Pricing

AirAsia has also detailed the pricing for the Tune Protect insurance plan for the travellers. For regional flights, with a one-way ticket, the insurance would be only Rs 118, whereas for international flights it would be Rs 139 for one way travel. The prices increase for a return ticket and differ based on whether or not the flight is international. For example, for a return trip of 1 to 10 ten days in a regional flight, the insurance would be Rs 364, whereas in the case of international flight the insurance would be Rs 754. It is also worth noting that the insurance service provider for the AK and I5 flights are different. While for the AK flights it is ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd, whereas for the I5 flights the policy is made by Reliance Inland Travel Care.

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