Airbus ACJ320neo Reduces Carbon Footprint And Offers Great Room

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Airbus ACJ320neo

Airlines all over the world have been looking for aircraft which come with more sustainable engines and has lower emissions. Airbus ACJ320neo is one such aircraft in the market now. The Airbus ACJ320neo reduces carbon footprint and offers great room as well. The term ‘neo’ at the end means ‘New Engine Option’. So now, Airbus gives their clients two options between the next-generation engines Pratt & Whitney PW1100G or CFM LEAP-1A engines. Recently, a London based aviation company, Acropolis Aviation took delivery of the ACJ320neo and had plans of starting flying the aircraft from February earlier this year.


Airbus ACJ320neo To Have Heightened Efficiency of Engines

The new generation engines that Airbus has been installing in its aircraft has heightened the efficiency of engines. The engine now gives an extended range of 1,700 nautical miles giving it a complete distance of 6,000 miles. So the jet can fly without any stop for 13 hours straight. So now, if the flights can easily be taken to destinations such as Moscow, London, and Beijing from Los Angeles.

Airbus ACJ320neo Has Wider Body and More Space

The aircraft has a wide-body airframe and is 65% larger than a typical business jet. The cabin height is also increased by 20%. Therefore, the Airbus ACJ320neo has more than three times of cabin space than its competitors. The interior team got more flexibility with increased room in the aircraft and were able to design the aircraft in the best possible way. The interiors have been designed in a melody and have a coloured lighting system installed as well. The beautiful design of the aircraft flows from the master bedroom at the back to the spacious lounge at the front.

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