SpiceJet CMD Ajay Singh To Keep The Airline’s Operations Transparent

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Everyone can see what the aviation industry is going through during the time of lockdown. Airlines can’t operate but have to pay for fixed costs. SpiceJet CMD, Ajay Singh said in an interview recently that the airline’s operations are going to be transparent during the time of the crisis. What he meant by transparency was that the airline is going to accept bookings for dates after May 3, 2020, when the lockdown is supposed to end and won’t be giving cash refunds. SpiceJet credit shells will be created in case the flight is cancelled by the airline.

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SpiceJet Along With Other Airlines Can’t Offer Cash Refunds

Ajay Singh further said that there is no way the airlines can offer cash refunds at the moment. If the bookings are cancelled, then only credit shells can be made against them. There is no cash reserve with the airline and adding to that SpiceJet also has to pay a 20 million on lease for its 100 leased aircraft. The airlines are in a situation where they have to take bookings in case the operations do start soon. If that happens and there are no bookings with the airline, they will have to fly empty planes which is not something any airline would want to do.

SpiceJet To Stop Meals and Reduce Entertainment Systems

SpiceJet will be looking to stop onboard meals. As for the entertainment systems onboard, passengers will likely have to carry their tablets. In-flight entertainment will be reduced, and all of these measures will be for a short time only. The aircraft will take much lesser people to ensure the rule of social distancing is followed. SpiceJet is helping the world by doing its bit in transporting the essential cargo and has flown over 300 freighter flights since the initiation of lockdown.

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