Airlines to be Notified 10 days Before Resuming Operations

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The spread of coronavirus break has wrecked Indian Aviation. Since the government announced the first lockdown period on March 25 and extended it until May 03, 2020, all the commercial domestic and international operations have been banned by the government. Only Caro and rescue flights are exempted from the ban. As per the sources of ET, Airlines will be notified 10 days before resuming operations so that they can make necessary arrangements regarding flight bookings and provide safe air travel for passengers.


Government Will Only Allow Domestic Bookings

It is expected that once the government lifts the lockdown period, only domestic operations will be allowed by the government. No details regarding the international operations have been rolled out the aviation ministry and government. However, it is expected that International operations will start once the threat of Covid-19 is neutralized. Various Industry executives also shared their concerns and noted that Airlines would need at least 15 days to resume operations. The 15 days period will aid the Airlines to implement all the precautionary measures which would ensure safe travel for passengers. Not only this, but Airlines will also streamline domestic booking and work on Aircraft which will be deployed for domestic operations.

Demand for Air Travel Will Increase Post Lockdown Period

Since Indian aviation has been banned until May 03, 2020, it is expected that the demand curve for Air travel will increase once the lockdown period is lifted. Since many people are stuck in various places, Airline operations will witness a surge in demand as everyone will head back to their homes. However, it is expected that the demand might also decrease after some time. Also, Airlines and Airports will face multiple challenges to ensure safer Air travel in India while maintaining all the necessary precautionary measures and encourage Social distancing among the passengers.

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