Airly Charter Flights To Help Customers Save Money With Subscription Model

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Airly is an Australian private jet business company. It allows you to book charter planes and get around Australia as per your wish. Along with that, you can also book international travels for yourself. At the time of the global pandemic, when flight services around the world have taken a hit, private jet businesses are going to thrive. Why is that so? You would think that charter planes are too expensive. While that is true, Airly has found a way to make it cheaper for its customers. Airly has very cleverly come up with a subscription-based service. Let’s take a look at what that is.

Airly Charter Subscription Service

The subscription service for Airly charter flights isn’t cheap as well. It comes for a price of $890 for getting a seat on a private jet which flies from Sydney and Melbourne. Now you would think, that you have to pay for a subscription and then for $890 on top of it for a seat, that’s not cheap! But the interesting thing is the subscription comes totally for free. So essentially, you are only paying for the flight seat that you are purchasing, which is $890.

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Cheap, But How?

Airly’s charter flights subscription model has been called cheap. There is a reason behind that. While $890 may seem like a lot to some people, for some it is their usual expenditure. These people are those who travel in Business and First class of flights. For people who pay a lot of Business Class and First Class, this flight subscription model from Airly is a deal-breaker. Because now they have to pay almost the same amount of money for Airly, but in turn, they get the benefits of charter plane.

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Private Jet Business The Best Thing at The Moment

Even though in many cases private jet or charter plane service can be more expensive than the first-class seat of the plane, it is preferably better if you choose the private jet service. Especially at a time like this, when the whole world needs social distancing. Private jets are much better than commercial flights where you have to share the cabin with hundreds of other passengers as well.

That said, just for travelling from point A to B, a private jet is not the best way to go about it for a majority of people. But for those who can afford it, it becomes a question of why not! Private jets or charter planes brings you tons of benefits and they can help you travel/commute as per your convenience.

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Benefits of Flying With Airly

There are many benefits of flying with Airly. One of those is that you can go to even smaller airports. You will have a wider range of destinations on your hold with private jets. However, you won’t have the same luxury when you are travelling with commercial airlines which have a fixed route of operations.

Another thing is that you will get a much more convenient flying experience. Airly charter subscriptions will get you more flexibility with the timings. With that, your airport experience becomes much easier as well. Unlike other commercial planes, when you are travelling with the Airly private jets, you will get a separate terminal to check-in. You can either book a single seat on the plane or just book the whole plane, it depends on you. Airly has been getting a lot more new customers than it normally would. The reason is the convenient flight experience that a passenger gets. Airly charter subscription service is very smart business and it has certainly made people’s lives easier.

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