All Nippon Airways Reveals a Series of Special Liveries

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The next in a series of distinctive liveries to be applied to All Nippon Airways' fleet has been announced. The new livery will be seen on two of the airline's Boeing 787s, spreading the sustainability message across domestic and international flights. The plane will also provide a customised service that focuses on sustainability and lowering CO2 emissions.

While the pandemic is in the rearview mirror for many airlines, ANA is still experiencing the effects, with just around 30% of its 2020 itinerary planned for the rest of the year. While ANA has yet to regain cruising altitude, it is following the industry's lead in terms of sustainability.

ANA is planning to cover two of its Boeing 787 aircraft in a distinctive green livery to highlight its commitment to environmental sustainability. The livery is scheduled to debut in October 2022. Several initiatives are scheduled to debut on flights using these two planes.

Onboard products and services will be given, promoting the principle of "reduce, reuse, recycle." Simultaneously, food will be grown with compost that was created from food waste from earlier trips. Additionally, the airline will focus on upcycling and growing sales of discarded and underused goods.

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