American Airlines AAdvantage Program: All You Need To Know

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One of the things that we always look for is benefits and bonuses out of the purchases we make. Now, almost every airline offers plenty of benefits under its loyalty programs. American Airlines is one such airline. With the American Airlines AAdvantage program, you will be able to earn flyer miles. These flyer miles can be redeemed for many services and products. If you are a member of the Program, whenever you book tickets with American Airlines, you will be earning flyer miles. Not only this, but you will also earn flyer miles when you book tickets with Oneworld or any other partners of the airline. What can you use these flyer miles for? You can use these for booking flights for up to 1000 destinations. Then if you want, you can also use these miles to upgrade your seat. If you’re going to have a vacation, use these miles. In addition to all this, these miles are also applicable to be used for hotel bookings and car rentals. You can also purchase some retail products with these miles. american-airlines-aadvantage-program-need-to-know

How To Earn Miles Under AAdvantage Program

It is effortless to earn flyer miles with American Airlines AAdvantage Program. There is no one way, but more than one. Whenever you fly with American Airlines, you are bound to earn miles if you are already an active member of the AAdvantage Program. There are other airlines which have partnered up with American Airlines such as Oneworld and many other airlines. Then there are other partners of the airline with which you can earn miles. These other partners are select Hotel chains and Car rental companies such as Hyatt. There are more than 1000 other partners of the airline than just other airline companies. You can also get a credit card from the bank which has partnered up with the airline to earn miles whenever you make a purchase from the card. You can also buy flyer miles or gift them to others so that they can enjoy the trip they have always wanted to.

How To Use Miles Under AAdvantage Program

If you want to book a flight using these miles, you can do it very conveniently. There are no select dates reserved for the people with flyer miles. If there is an empty seat and you have the flyer miles, you can book yourself a ticket right away. But wait, if you want to use your miles for purchasing airline tickets, you can also use them for upgrading your economy seat to first-class or business class seat. You can use these miles for someone else as well in case you don’t want to use them. You can redeem these miles out of the airline industry as well. If you want to book hotel rooms, you can use the miles to book yourself one or many depending on the miles you have with select partners of the airline.

Elite Status In the AAdvantage Program

There are many perks of being included in the elite status of the AAdvantage Program. If you want your flight to be more enjoyable, definitely consider this status with the airline. How do you reach elite status with the airline though? There are two ways in which you can do this. First, You earn that status by spending a lot of money on the airline and earning the required points. Or, you buy your way in with different credit cards. When you enter the elite status group with the airline, you will be earning bonus miles.

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