American Airlines Basic Economy: All You Should Know

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If you want to travel in the cheapest American Airlines flight, you should book the airline’s Basic Economy ticket. There are some restrictions on the baggage that you will likely face. Before we go ahead, let’s first understand what Basic Economy is. So American Airlines Basic Economy is built to provide the cheapest flying options to passengers. You will find restrictions with baggage, the seats that you choose, and on your eligibility to either upgrade or change your status. But in case you are a member of Oneworld elites or AAdvantage elites, or if you are holding AAdvantage Aviator or Citi/AAdvantage credit card, then some of the restrictions will be waived off for you.


What will be the Costs Involved for Baggage?

You can check-in your baggage, but for that, you will have to burn your pockets a little. If you are travelling within the U.S. and Canada, then for the first checked bag, you will have to pay $30. For the second checked-bag, you will have to pay $40. The charges keep on climbing, and for the third checked-bag, you will have to pay $150. Further on, every additional bag that gets checked-in, you will have to pay $200 for each. If you are travelling in a transatlantic flight, you will be paying $60 for the first bag and $100 for the second bag and $200 for each bag after that.

In case you are travelling to/from Mexico, it is the same charges as mentioned above for U.S. and Canada. If you are going to/from the Caribbean, you will be paying $30 for the first checked-in baggage. For the second checked-bag, you will pay $40 (if you are travelling from Haiti, you will be paying $70), and for the third checked-bag, it will be a charge of $150, and for every bag further, you will be paying $200 for each. It is the same price if you are travelling to/from Central America. In case you are going to/from South America, you will be paying $45 for the first checked bag, for the second bag you will be paying $65, and for the third bag it is $150, and for every bag after that, you will be paying $200.

American Airlines Basic Economy Seats

If you want, you can choose a seat of your liking, but you will have to pay extra for that. You can choose to pay that fee either while booking your ticket or when you are at the airport collecting your boarding pass. In case you don’t have a preferred seat, then at the time of check-in you will be automatically allotted a seat for free. Don’t worry; Basic Economy seats are not any different from standard seats, these seats are just not taken by anyone.

American Airlines Basic Economy Flight Cancellation/Change

If you want to change your flights within the U.S. or Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America, you can’t change your flight. But for other routes, you can change your flight, but it involves expensive costs. Talking about the cancelling your American Airlines Basic Economy flight, you can’t do so. Cancelling of the flights is only possible when you are cancelling it within the 24 hours of booking. Flight cancellation is also valid in case you or your travelling companion dies, or if American Airlines changes your flight schedule by more than 61 minutes, or if it is a military order. The airline will provide you with the refund if you can provide valid documents for the same.

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