American Airlines First Class: Everything You Should Know

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American Airlines offers one of the best First Class flight services. Wondering what you will get with the American Airlines First Class? Keep on reading. First of all, there are people who say that the First Class seats of the airline are not much different from their Business Class, to clear this up, while this is not entirely a lie, it is not entirely a truth either. There are things in the First Class of the airline that you won’t be able to experience with the Business Class. Let’s take a look at them in detail.


Five Star Service with American Airlines First Class

With the American Airlines First Class ticket, you will be able to experience the five-star service of the airline. You will be assisted by the employees of the airline right from the time when you enter the airport, board the plane, and land on your destination airport. If you have a connecting flight and your layover is scheduled at an airport which also provides the airline’s five-star service, then there will be employees assisting you there as well. At present, not all the airports are availed with this service for the First Class passengers of the airline.

Priority Advantages with American Airlines First Class

With the American Airlines First Class, you will be getting priority advantages as well. Don’t assume that the priority benefit is limited to faster boarding only. Nope, the benefit applies in literally every process that you have to go through when at an airport. So when you arrive at the airport, first of all, your check-in process will be over in a jiffy, then your security checking will be over in the same fast manner. You will also get priority boarding and after you land, your baggage claim will be speeded through as well.

Comfier Seats with American Airlines First Class

If the width of the American Airlines Business Class seats didn’t satisfy you, don’t worry, you will get even wider seats with the American Airlines First Class. Not just this, you can also rotate your seat by 90 degrees. So you can basically turn it towards the window if you have a window seat and enjoy the view out of the window without having to rotate your head. You will get more legroom to stretch your legs and along with that, you will also get a padded footrest.

Free Entertainment and Wi-Fi

You are never going to be bored in an American Airlines First Class seat, you will have access to some of the best entertainment options you can get in a flight on-air. You can access a variety of movies and TV shows with the entertainment app of American Airlines. Along with that, if Wi-Fi is something that you require for getting your work done, you can purchase it from the airline. There are different options available from the airline and will charge you depending upon the number of hours you need the Wi-Fi for. Wi-FI currently is available on select flights only.

There is one more thing that you are going to enjoy while travelling in the American Airlines First Class and that is the dining experience. You can enjoy some of the most exotic dishes from the menu provided by the airline. You can even order your food online before you board the plane so that you don’t have to worry about paying for it while in the air, you can just board the plane and enjoy the experience of flying.

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