American Airlines Grounded Boeing 737 Max Might Return by Year End

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If you are familiar with the Boeing 737 Max, then you know why these aircraft were grounded. But if you are not, keep reading. Back in 2018 and then in 2019, two commercial flights (Boeing 737 Max) from two different airlines crashed resulting in 346 casualties. Looking at this, China was the first country to suspend all the 737 Max operations nationwide. Followed by the decision, America also did the same. Thus American Airlines had to suspend the operations of Boeing 737 Max aircraft as well. But now, president of the airline, Robert Isom shared that the aircraft can make a comeback by the end of the year. The airline was monitoring the aircraft very carefully since the time it has been suspended. Now if everything goes well, the aircraft might make it back to the air by December 2020.
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Boeing 737 Max to Return for American Airlines Commercial Usage by December

Isom conveyed to the staff and members of American Airlines that the Boeing 737 Max might return to the skies by December. He is confident that the approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is not far away. Isom said to the Wing that Boeing is working on the aircraft to get it back up in the air. He said that Boeing is looking to get it ungrounded by October. If that happens, the plane will be available for commercial use by December. Isom further added that the airline is going to work with Boeing on helping them with anything related to the plane. He also noted that once the flight is back in the air, it is going to be the safest aircraft possible. But all of this will only happen when the FAA approves the commercial usage of the plane. If FAA experts don’t certify the plane, nothing of this sort will happen. Even after the plane is ready to go, airlines will have to go through extensive return program. Pilots will have to go through the new safety procedures again. Regardless, it will be a moment to see the Boeing 737 Max flying back again.

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