American Airlines is Increasing The Baggage Charges For Transatlantic Flights

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American Airlines is soon going to increase their baggage charges for passengers when they board transatlantic flights. This increase in price will affect basic economy passengers only. At present, the travellers had to pay $60 for the first checked bag, but now that price will be moved up to $70. This new rule will be only applicable to the new bookings that take place. All the old reservation are exempted from the price change. The price change is taking because American Airlines wants to make their policies more uniform with that of their European airline partners.


Price Change For Checked Baggage To Be Uniform With European Airlines

There are Manny European airline partners of American Airlines. Now after the price change for the first checked bag to $75, the price of American Airlines and Finnair, British Airways, and Iberia. An American spokeswoman in a statement reassured the passengers that they would be charged the older rates only who had already made bookings with the airline before the price change took place. The baggage price change will be only for transatlantic flights, and all of the other flights will go with the same old price policies.

Keeping Lighter Baggage Will Help The Passengers

Your only bet to not pay the $75 is to pack light. At the same time, all of the carry-on bags are still free of cost even for the basic economy passengers. For people who are flying in the American’s Main Cabin will also be exempted from any price for their first checked bag. Even for people in the AAdvantage program and Oneworld elite group will get their first checked bag for free. The additional bags will also get a price change, but this won’t be in US Dollars. The price change will take effect on foreign currency payments. Now the fee for the second bag will rise from 65/75 Euros to 75/70 Euros. For the third baggage, the price will increase from 140/150 Euros to 155/180 Euros.

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