American Airlines Main Cabin Extra: Is it Better than Main Cabin?

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American Airlines has one of the most diverse cabin classes. One of its classes is Main Cabin Extra. If you are thinking about it, then yes, it is an extension to the services of the airline’s Main Cabin. With the Main Cabin Extra, you will get a little more of everything that you get on the Main Cabin. You will be able to enjoy more space in your flight with the Main Cabin’s extra seating which starts at just $20. All of the seats are located in the plane’s main cabin itself and is subject to availability.


Early Boarding with American Airlines Main Cabin Extra

Now with the airline’s Main Cabin tickets, you wouldn’t get the benefit of early boarding. Early boarding is a necessary thing for people to get enough overhead bin space and settle down comfortably before anyone else. You can get the benefit of early boarding with the American Airlines Main Cabin Extra ticket. After the elite members of the airline board the plane, you will be able to enter. This will give you ample time to get adjusted and easier access to the overhead bin space.

Complimentary Snacks and Drinks

One of the biggest factors that determine how your flight is the food that you get in your plane. Sometimes, purchasing food onboard can be too expensive. But with the American Airlines Main Cabin Extra seats, you will be offered complimentary food and beverages. There will be complimentary snacks, beer, wine, and free cookies and biscuits. You can also buy additional food in case your stomach is left wanting more.

Extra Legroom and Inflight Entertainment

Space which you get is very important in your flight. If you want extra space to be comfortable, buy the American Airlines Main Cabin Extra seats. You will have enough space to stretch out your legs. Along with this, if you get bored very easily in your flight, you should not worry about it anymore. There is a very good entertainment system available for you in the flight. To top it off, the entertainment system is completely free of cost. So you can watch tons of movies and TV shows on your device. You just have to download the app of the airline in your device (laptop/mobile) and then log-in and you will be able to stream free content.

Free Carry-on with American Airlines Main Cabin Extra

Paying for baggage can be a huge cost. But with the American Airlines Main Cabin Extra ticket, you don’t have to worry about that. You will be allowed to take with you one personal item along with one bag with you inside the plane for free. The second bag and personal item will be chargeable by the airline. So ensure that you are aware of American Airlines baggage policies.

Wi-Fi Onboard

The Internet has become one of the most important things for us today. Without it, it is a very hard task to get our regular jobs done. Wi-Fi is not free though, so you will have to pay to get it. American Airlines offers Wi-Fi packages as well, so if you are a frequent flyer and purchase Wi-Fi often, just purchase a package which has long validity. Comparing the American Airlines Main Cabin with Main Cabin Extra, the latter wins the race. With the Main Cabin Extra, for a very less amount, you get access to more seating space, early boarding, and free food. Along with all this, you also get to take free baggage with you, so that’s just a bonus.

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