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American Airlines has many different cabin classes. One of them is - Main Cabin. People who don’t want Basic Economy of the airline, yet want a cheaper flight with good experience usually go for the American Airlines Main Cabin tickets. American Airlines is considered as the world’s largest airline because it has the biggest fleet of aircraft in the world. The airline operates close to 7,000 flights along with its regional partners and flies over to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. Now, why do people choose the airline’s ‘Main Cabin’? Let’s take a look at what comes with the American Airlines Cabin Class tickets.


Seat Selection

When you are travelling from a flight, the seat that you get is very important in determining the kind of experience you will have. That is why it helps if you get the option of choosing a seat for yourself. With the American Airlines Cabin Class ticket, you can choose your own preferred seat. Don’t worry, there are no charges. However, not all the seats are free, so if you want to book a seat which is either a Cabin Class Extra seat or some other paid seat, you will have to pay a charge for it. In case you get your preferred seat for free, consider yourself lucky.

Free Carry-on

Baggage charges can eat you up. Sometimes, paying for baggage is more expensive than the flight ticket itself. That is why you don’t want to take extra baggage, but don’t worry, with the American Airlines Cabin Class ticket, you don’t have to pay for the carry-on bag. One person is allowed to take one bag in the cabin for free. However, there are certain restriction on the bag size of your cabin luggage, so ensure that you are carrying the right size of the bag.

Free Snacks

Sometimes flights can be long and boring. It helps if you have something to eat on the way. This is why with the American Airlines Cabin Class tickets, you can get free snacks. There are free beverages such as soft drinks as well. There is also an option to purchase food. Not everything comes for free. The airline keeps on changing the kind of snacks or food they are providing for free.

Free Entertainment

If you get really bored in the flight sitting at one place, you need an entertainment system to help you pass time. You can watch free content sitting in the plane through the American Airlines app. Just download the app on your device before your aircraft takes off. You don’t need to pay for watching/streaming any of the content on the app. At the same time, you can also watch live TV with the app. In case your favourite sports team has a match and you don’t want to just read scores after you have landed, you can make use of the live TV feature of the app and watch the match. There is no additional fee required to watch live TV.


Internet has become one of the most important things to get your work done today. So if you are in the flight and check your mail, you can connect to the Wi-Fi onboard. At present, the airline does not offer Wi-Fi in every aircraft, but the ones which offer, you will have to pay for it. You can also use the Wi-Fi for texting to your loved ones. If you fly with the airline very often, you can also purchase their monthly Wi-Fi package which will be convenient for you as you won’t have to pay for it every time you board the aircraft.

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