American Airlines Safer Contactless Baggage Drop and Check-In Service

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Flying is considered as the safest medium of travel at the moment. Because of the COVID-19 threat, airlines and airports have revamped their services. Every airline is working on converting its services to contactless services. This will ensure proper social distancing both at the airport and inside the flight. American Airlines has also made its check-in and baggage drop service contactless. It has come up with a very simple but an improvised way of reducing the physical contact of customers with the screens. Keep reading ahead to find out more about this.


American Airlines Web Check-In

Web check-in is the obvious way to go about asking the customers to check-in when the need for social distancing is at peak. With American Airlines, customers won’t have to worry about baggage tags anymore. So now when the customers web check-in and scan their boarding pass at the check-in kiosk, they will get their printed baggage tags there itself.

Thus they won’t have to worry about touching the screen anymore. They can take the printed baggage tags and apply them on their luggage. That is all a passenger needs to do. This technology will be made available at more than 230 airports of the USA.

At the same time, American Airlines said that they are launching a new Wi-Fi portal which the passengers can use for purchasing Wi-Fi. It is the airline’s larger plan and strategy of making inflight entertainment and Wi-Fi more accessible to its passengers.

Some other changes that American Airlines has brought to its services is stopping the blockage of middle seats. Now customers can purchase flight tickets at full capacity from the airline. They are also providing customers and crew with personal protective equipment (PPE). With that, the airline has enforced strict social distancing norms. Anyone not following the norms can be removed from the flight if need be. This month, American Airlines plans to operate around 4,000 flights every day.

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