American Airlines Change Plans For Bengaluru and Seattle Daily Flights 

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Much recently, American Airlines announced that they are going to start a daily non-stop flights between Bengaluru and Seattle later in October this year. But the airline has just issued another statement in which they said that they would not be starting the direct flight service this year. The start date is likely to be the winter of next year. The coronavirus global pandemic has put the airline in a lot of pressure, and it is unlikely for them to be able to put their resources into starting new routes.

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More New Routes Cancelled By The American Airlines

It is not just the Bengaluru and Seattle route which got postponed, but there are other routes as well. The other new routes which got delayed are - Philadelphia and Casablanca, Chicago and Krakow. There is no clearance from the airline as to when these routes will start, but for now, nothing is happening. Like every other airline, American Airlines is also facing the impact of coronavirus lockdown in commercial operations and less demand for air tickets.

Less Demand The Prime Reason Behind Postponing The Route

The airline explained that whenever a new route is launched, its viability depends on the advance bookings of six months or more. As it is evident that there is no demand at the moment for the aviation industry, the airline won’t be launching its new route because it is highly unlikely that they are going to get any bookings. American Airlines is currently looking to focus on its existing international routes to Heathrow Airport, London and Narita Airport, Tokyo. As for India at the moment, there is no clarity on whether there will be an extended lockdown or not. The airlines in India have been permitted to start accepting flight bookings. In case the lockdown extends, the flights will be cancelled and the airlines will have to manage it on their own.

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