American Express Has Tailored up Amex Offers to Match the Current Market Scenario

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Most of us today are living in a quarantined state. This means we can’t go out and travel anymore. What happens to the credit cards then? What happens to the people who had just signed up for the card before quarantines and lockdowns were introduced. They can’t get their bonus offer since they won’t be able to spend their money at all. So credit cards and offers need to be adjusted so that it becomes fair for the people living in lockdown. There are many American Express cards out there which offer perks and benefits such as airport lounge access and credits/reward points for spending with the airline. But all of those perks are rendered useless for now. This is why American Express has introduced changes to its policies of rewards and benefits.


Changes Brought By American Express to Amex Offers

Earlier when you used to purchase wine from a retail shop, that would have got you nothing. But from now on, there are cash-backs included if you are buying wine from a retail shop using the American Express card. The deals that are offered to you in the cards that you hold will be shifting slowly from travel-focused to more of general expenses. With that, you now also have an extended period of three months for claiming your bonus points. Until now, you had to spend a certain minimum amount in the span of three months for getting your bonus points. But now, that period for you will be six months.

So now, Amex rewards are going to be focused more on the kind of general expenses that you make in the next few months. Thus now, whenever you enter a US restaurant or a supermarket, you will be earning cash-backs. In addition to this, Select Amex customers will also get $320 in statement credits if they are purchasing streaming subscriptions. The only thing is, these new rewards and services are only there for a limited time.

New Benefits for the Small Business Cards

The Business Platinum Card from the American Express is crediting up to $200 for all the US purchases at Dell. This is in addition to the $200 account credits offer which you will get once your purchase a product/service from Dell. So in total, you can earn up to $400 in credits from the bank if you purchase with Dell. The Dell benefit comes in addition to the benefit of $320 that people get for buying streaming services.

Get Your Money Back By Spending On Phone Services, Shipping, and Streaming

There are three Amex cards which will give you the benefit of cash-backs for spending your money either on phone services, streaming services, or shipping. The first card is the American Express Platinum Card. You will be eligible to receive up to $320 in statement credits when you use this card to purchase with US wireless telephone service providers. You will get up to $20 in credits every month starting from May and ending by December.

The other two cards offer the same benefit as well. Their names are — American Express Business Platinum Card and American Express Green Card. If you have any of these cards, you can avail yourself the benefit of getting such cash-backs. So don’t forget to switch your card from which you pay your bills currently to that one of the Amex card or else you will miss out on the benefit.

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