American Express The Platinum Card: One of the Best Travel Credit Cards?

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Travelling with a credit card can save you a lot of money and also earn you many reward points. One of the best travel credit cards which you can carry with you is the America Express The Platinum Card. What makes it so good? Well, for starters, you get a lot of bonus reward points for signing up for the card. So, if you join today, you are eligible for claiming 70,000 membership rewards points. But yes, there is a little catch here. If you want to earn this signing up bonus, you will have to spend a minimum of $5,000 on purchases through this card in the first three months. Three months is a reasonable period for spending $5,000, but still, most of the people won’t be able to make use of the offer because they don’t want to spend so much.



American Express The Platinum Card Benefits

An essential benefit of having a credit card is to be able to earn reward points through it. It is the same with American Express the Platinum Card. Whenever you book directly with airlines or with American Express Travel, you will get to earn 5X membership rewards. You will also earn 5X reward points when you book hotels prepaid from the website of amextravel. Also, you get a $200 airline credit with the card. This credit is only available for one qualifying airline chosen by you. Whenever you use the American Express The Platinum Card for paying any incidental fee charged by the airline, such as for extra baggage or in-flight beverages, you will receive $200 in airline credits per calendar year if you use your card to pay for these services.

In case the credit doesn’t reflect in your account, you can call the number on the back of the card, and your issue will be sorted out. Also read all the terms and conditions of the card carefully to not make any mistakes regarding transactions.

TSA PreCheck or Global Entry Fee Credit

With American Express The Platinum Card, you will earn fee credits for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. The fee credit for TSA PreCheck is $85, and the fee credit for Global Entry is $100. With the help of TSA PreCheck, you can reduce your waiting time at the customs on select airports. In case you are pre-approved for Global Entry, then you will also get the benefit of TSA PreCheck. However, it is essential to note that you will be eligible for receiving only one credit in four years for Global Entry and for TSA PreCheck, only one 4.5 years.

American Express The Platinum Card Features and More Benefits

If you want to sign-up for the card, you will have to pay an annual fee of $55. One of the exciting features about this card is that you won’t be charged anything extra for making international transactions. With this, you will be eligible for airport lounge access with this card. There are more than 1,200 airport lounges in 130 countries which accept this card. Also, you will be eligible to receive complimentary benefits worth $550 when you stay at Fine Hotels and Resorts. There are around 1,000 properties where you can take advantage of this benefit. Also, whenever you go out and dine, you will get a $100 credit if you are dining with a partner of the bank. You will also get $15 in cash every month whenever you book Uber rides. In December, the cash limit offering will rise to $20. This will save you up to $200 every year that you spend on travelling.

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