Anchorage Airport, Alaska Becomes World’s Busiest Airport

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The global aviation industry is still in a shock due to the worldwide pandemic and is going to take a long time to recover from all the losses it faced. The air travel has slowed down drastically, and now even the busiest of airports don’t see many people inside them. But a surprising stat just came up which made the Anchorage Airport in Alaska the busiest airport in the world. This stat is for the recent week.

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Global Aviation Industry has been Suffering

No airline or airport in the world is operating in profits at the moment. Only select flights and passengers are allowed to take off. This has made the Anchorage Airport, Alaska, the busiest airport of the world. The Twitter handle of the airport sent out a tweet saying this is clear evidence of how significant our role is in developing the global economy. So it is essential to understand how ANC became the worlds busiest airport.

Cargo Flights The Reason Behind Becoming The Busiest Airport in The World

The apparent reason that Anchorage Airport could become the busiest airport in the world is that it was able to get many cargo flights operating through it. It isn’t like the airport is ready to fly commercial flights. The airlines slashed their flights with other airports but carried on with their cargo flights with the ANC airport. ANC was able to increase the frequency of cargo flights passing through it, given the need for essential cargo throughout the world. A fact which many of you might not know is that ANC is the usual fifth-largest cargo airport in the world and the second biggest airport in the USA in terms of cargo flights.

Since the Cargo flights have not stopped, the airport is being able to capitalise on the need and has become the busiest airport in the world at the moment. This would naturally change once regular aviation activities start.

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