ATR Secures 22 New Aircraft Orders at International Paris Air Show 2023

ATR announces firm orders for 22 new aircraft and emphasizes the appeal of its low-emission turboprops during the International Paris Air Show. The company's growth plans, workforce expansion, and focus on innovation further solidify its market appeal.


  • ATR secures firm orders for 22 new aircraft, including options for additional units.
  • South-East Asia shows signs of market recovery as orders are received from the region.
  • ATR aims to increase its workforce by 12 percent to support production and development.

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ATR Secures 22 New Aircraft Orders at International Paris Air Show 2023

In a recent media briefing held during the International Paris Air Show, ATR, the world's number-one regional aircraft manufacturer, announced significant progress in its market position and showcased the appeal of its family of low-emission turboprops. ATR said the event marked a turning point for ATR, with firm orders secured for 22 new aircraft, including options for additional units.

ATR secures new aircraft orders

The order breakdown includes six ATR 72-600 aircraft from Mandarin Airlines, two ATR 72-600 aircraft in an "All-Business Class" premium configuration from Berjaya Air, three ATR 72-600 aircraft from Azul with options for two more, eight ATR 72-600 aircraft from three undisclosed customers, and three ATR 42-600 aircraft from two undisclosed customers. These orders highlight the recovery signs from South-East Asia, which has historically been one of ATR's key markets.

Growing Demand for Low-Emission and Versatile Aircraft

Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, CEO of ATR, expressed confidence in the company's product offering, anticipating a growing need for low-emission and versatile aircraft as regional operators plan fleet replacements and expansions. Tarnaud Laude acknowledged the efficiency of ATR's turboprops, the limited availability of second-hand aircraft, and the rebounding air traffic in certain regions post-COVID-19 as factors driving the demand.

Despite ongoing challenges in the supply chain, ATR said it remains on track to achieve its objective of delivering 40 or more aircraft in 2023.

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Emissions Reduction and Future Vision

The manufacturer's commitment to reducing emissions and its vision for the future were emphasized by Tarnaud Laude. "ATR's current aircraft already emit 45 percent less CO2 compared to similar-sized regional jets. The company's EVO concept aims to further reduce emissions, with ongoing investments in technology and a feasibility study set to deliver promising results by the end of the year," Tarnaud Laude added.

Workforce Expansion

To support its production ramp-up and future plans, including the development of its Short Take-Off and Landing variant, ATR said it is actively seeking new talent. The company aims to increase its workforce by 12 percent this year, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and growth in the industry.

The International Paris Air Show served as a platform for ATR to showcase its market appeal, secure firm orders, and reaffirm its commitment to connecting communities and businesses affordably and responsibly.

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