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66 Airlines to Fly 3249 Weekly Flights as India Resumes International Flights

Six Indian airlines and 60 foreign airlines from 40 countries, including none from China, will begin operating 3,249 weekly flights to and from India on Sunday, as regular international flights return after a two-year hiatus. Fares are projected to decline from the stratospheric heights of the bubble system, which lapses on Saturday, as connection to the authorised number of flights increases gradually. However, because of Russia's conflict in Ukraine, they... Read More

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From May 1, Vistara Will Serve Daily Flights Between Delhi and London Heathrow

Vistara, an Indian airline, has announced that its Delhi to Heathrow daily schedule would be extended even further. From May 1, both cities will be connected by a daily aircraft that departs at 22:05 IST for London and 14:40 GMT for return to Delhi. The news comes as no surprise to the airline, which is already looking to expand internationally. Vistara presently flies to over 45 locations, with foreign flights... Read More

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IndiGo Will Operate 100 Domestic Flights From Today

IndiGo, the country's largest airline, will begin flying 100 flights between important domestic metro cities and regional centres on March 27, 2022. As a result, beginning March 27, 2022, the airline will provide flights on 20 exclusive routes. The carrier stated in a statement that it will start offering exclusive flights on a number of routes, including Pune-Mangalore, Pune-Visakhapatnam, Hubli-Hyderabad, Jammu-Varanasi, and Tirupati-Tiruchirappalli. On the same day, it launched the... Read More

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To Honor Medal of Honor Recipients, American Airlines Covers Airbus A321

American Airlines launched its latest livery for one of its Airbus A321 flights yesterday. With this unique uniform, the Fort Worth-based airline has paid honour to Medal of Honor recipients. The A321 was covered in the new Flagship Valor livery by the airline's Tech Ops crew in Tulsa. The reveal took place today, ahead of the National Medal of Honor Museum's groundbreaking ceremony in Arlington, Texas. Before its spectacular introduction... Read More

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Air Belgium to Launch Two Routes to South Africa This September

Air Belgium, based in Brussels, plans to establish two lines to South Africa in September, with up to three flights per week travelling to Cape Town and Johannesburg simultaneously. The airline's ambition to offer direct flights to the United States, among other planned route extensions, is a step forward in this regard. Since the second half of last year, Air Belgium has been on a relatively ambitious journey, replacing its... Read More

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Indian Airlines Are Set to Add Up to 120 Planes Every Year- Civil Aviation Minister

According to Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, India, which has the world's fastest-growing civil aviation sector, plans to add 100-120 planes every year to fulfil demand. He told the Wings India 2022 conference in Hyderabad that India is planning massive development in the fields of airlines, airports, and every aspect of the civil aviation ecosystem. He also stated that fleet augmentation is critical for the industry. The country's fleet has... Read More

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Vistara Receives the Best Domestic Airline Award for the Second Year in a Row at Wings India 2022

At Wings India 2022, Vistara, India's best full-service airline, received three prestigious awards: Best Domestic Airline, Aviation Sustainability & Environment, and Covid Champions. At an award ceremony held in Hyderabad, Hon'ble Minister of Civil Aviation, Government of India, Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia gave the awards in the presence of other top officials from the Ministry, FICCI, and an eminent gathering of industry representatives from across the world. Vinod Kannan, Vistara's Chief... Read More

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This Summer, Finnair Aims to Operate 300 Daily Flights

Finnair has issued a modification to its traffic plans for summer 2022, citing prior worries about Asian-bound routes following Russia's airspace restriction. From its headquarters in Helsinki, the airline will fly to over 70 European destinations, five North American destinations, and eight Asian destinations, including a new route to Mumbai. Finnair now offers daily flights to Bangkok, Delhi, Singapore, and Tokyo in Asia. The revival of Finnair's antiquated North Pole... Read More

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Singapore to Get Rid Off Quarantine and Travel Restrictions in a Week

At the end of the month, Singapore will dramatically lift its coronavirus-related travel restrictions. After having some of the tightest controls in place for a long time, the city-state now believes the moment has come to open its borders without quarantine. This is due to the fact that the majority of its COVID-19 cases are local. Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Singapore was a popular transit point... Read More

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By 2042, Airbus Predicts That India Will Require 2,210 New Planes

Brent McBratney, Airbus' Head of Airline Marketing for India and South Asia, presented a detailed presentation on how the plane manufacturer views the Indian aviation business in terms of future aircraft demand. According to him, Airbus anticipates Indian airlines will require 2,210 aircraft over the next 20 years, with narrowbodies accounting for around 80% of the total. McBratney was speaking at the Wings India 2022 exhibition, Asia's largest civil aviation... Read More

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Flights to Eight Indian Cities Is Being Reinstated by Oman Air

With international flights incoming and outgoing from India having been suspended for over two years, the lifting of the embargo on March 27th comes as a great relief for airlines all over the globe to resume flights to India. Oman Air is one of these carriers, with intentions to fly to eight Indian cities, including Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Kozhikode. Nonstop direct flights from Muscat to Chennai,... Read More

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Airline CEOs in the U.S. Have Urged for the Mask Mandate to Be Repealed

Several US airline executives have asked President Joe Biden to lift the mandatory mask requirement onboard planes. The mask requirement is no longer essential in the present climate, according to CEOs of airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. Leading executives of major US airlines believe the federal mask rule should be removed, according to a letter written by Airlines for America (ATA), since it "no... Read More

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Flight Attendants Pulling Extra Shifts for Alaska Airlines Get 2x Pay

Alaska Airlines is granting double pay to current flight attendants who work more than 100 flights per pay in a month until new flight attendants are onboarded, according to a CNBC report. A single flight for cabin crew is a single journey, although flight attendants may work many trips in a single day. They could fly from Portland to Seattle to pick up people, then travel from Seattle to Minneapolis... Read More

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The Government Has Set a Goal of Building 220 New Airports by 2025- Civil Aviation Minister

Jyotiraditya Scindia, India's civil aviation minister, emphasised the significance of the aviation industry to the Indian economy on Wednesday, saying the government has set a goal of building 220 new airports by 2025. Scindia made the remark while replying to requests for funding from the civil aviation ministry for the fiscal year 2022-23 in the Lok Sabha. During the Covid-19 epidemic, India made progress in both local and international travel,... Read More

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